Life As An Independent Contractor: Year 1 Recap 

My first year as an official independent contractor was tough! I put in so much blood, sweat, and tears into owning my business. I am so happy that I took off last summer to do what I always wanted to do. I just want to provide some dope services to the youth ya’ll. On my terms. And it feels good to say that I am doing just that.

I took off last summer to write up exactly what I wanted The I.M.A.N.I. project to be. I have though about it sometime while working in many after school programs. Finally to sit everyday and progress on making your dreams come true. I kept telling myself, it takes money to make money. If I am really going to make this happen, I need to make some sacrifices. Of course I had bills to pay, so I picked a baby sitting gig that paid pretty well. I vowed not to do any summer recreation camps anymore unless they were using a service from The I.M.A.N.I. Project. I did my time. It all paid off in the end.

One of the coolest supervisors of from the past almost took a chance on my business. I was happy just to get a meeting. It didn’t end up working out. But that didn’t stop me. While I was working at Ralph J. Bunche, they needed someone to teach after school. My boss told me it was cool to push my business. I didn’t want to step on toes or anything. It’s a lot of contractors for Alt Ed Schools. But I was able to get my First Contract with Bay Are Community Resources. A non profit I worked for in college. And how I met some of my closest friends. Like all of my 5 friends I have out here though LOL. From then on, I’ve taught a Girl’s Group, Creative Expressions Class, and a College Prep course. I had so much fun and my kids expressed how much they liked the classes. It never felt like a day at work, and that is how I want it to be throughout my career.

I was offered another contract to be the Cyber High Coordinator at Alameda High School. It was so fun. It was an online credit recovery class. I managed all of the students online to complete their credits. Those students worked so hard. I would always say to them they are going to kill online classes in college. It was good practice for them.

The last contract for the year was teaching dance at Green Leaf Elementary School. I worked after school there for BACR. It feels so amazing when your people try to put you on but you’re doing them a solid as well. Glad I have a pretty good reputation from working at as many after school and rec camps to be able to get things rolling. I feel like that’s how it should be. Network and connect your people. It’s simple. Some of the students I used to teach when they were so much younger were in my class. I loved teaching my veterans again. I turned that entire after school program into dancing machine.

Teaching my classes is the fulfilling and fun part. It’s all of the advertising, paperwork, putting in your own money, and finding time to really work on your ideas is what’s hard. Oh and  Especially when you are doing everything on your own. I am thankful someone gave me a chance to bring my business into their schools. I just needed that one yes, so it could open more doors.

I have so many ideas and extensions to The I.M.A.N.I. Project. One that I am focusing on is renting out a dance studio to teach hip hop classes. I want to put on showcases for friends and family of my students. I have taught classes for competition before, but for my dance classes, it’s showcases all the way !

As I am still trying to figure things out along the way, I am so happy to have finally start my business. Shoot! To get business. My goal was to get 1 contract. I got 3 my first year in. I’m even giving people advice on how to start their own business. It takes nothing but research, patience, and passion. You can really make it happen! There is still so much to do. Thank you for those who support what I’m doing. I’d rather be about it, than talk about it. We want to save the youth, I’m providing a way to do so.

The I.M.A.N.I. project


After Hours

According to Google,

After Hours is defined as “after normal working or opening hours, typically those of bars and nightclubs.”    

I feel that this definition fits, but I feel that there are so many levels to after hours. My mind wonders a lot so bare with me, if possible.

High school after hours for me back in the day meant after the party we go chill at someone’s house. Whether it be the a girlfriends house, friend of a friend you met that night, your “bro”, whomever. My home girls and I were a party within it self with just conversations and laughs. No matter which one I rolled with it was always jokes, singing, dancing, just good vibes and good times. New people we met automatically f****d with us. And the thing were, we were really just being us.

College days after hours  were a must in certain situations. If one of the missions was a bust, and you still trying to turn up, because you still looked cute and didn’t want to waste a good outfit or makeup. Many of us didn’t go out like that because, well you know it’s college. You want to catch up on as much homework, and squeeze in as many naps as you can any given time. Or maybe that was just me LOL. I’m just saying. You always need a back up plan for burnt missions. Or if you just don’t want to go home and continue to TU because you’re still hype then yasss !!! It was lit. That was the life. Then when your home girl got a little boo thang in the city we were partying in and he called the homies, baby kickbacks were formed. Random hours of the night. I freaking loved it! That good ol spontaneous fun. I guess not much has changed since high school huh.

Now, I’m a little older and my life has changed a lot since my high school and college days, of course. I couldn’t do any type of after hour nothing today. I work so much I’m tired at 5:00pm. On a weekend, my legs start giving out at like 10pm. I be dying.  It’s all bad. Now that I’m 25, ya’ll know what my after hours consist of? Being creative and overthinking. My mind consistently moves nonstop in so many directions. One minute I’m thinking of a design for Eccentric Vibes, but then I quickly move to a game I want to remix to play with elementary kids for the I.M.A.N.I. Project. 2 seconds later an event idea pops in my head. Then I’d construct an entire history project in my head in less than 10 seconds. It’s crazy! But that’s how my mind works and what my after hours consist of now. I stay up because I can’t stop the ideas from forming all over my head. Sometimes I even get a headache and can’t stand when it happens. But then again, I am so thankful. When my mind runs rapid, I act on the ideas. I usually grab my phone, if it’s not dead, or a sticky note or notepad. I always have something to write with near me. I let my phone just die. Nobody hits me up anyway LOL. I’m okay with it though, foreal.

I put on my music to calm my brain down a bit (my playlist go crazy plus I think of random at songs to fit a certain mood. Kris calls me a mood jukebox. I’ll play a song that fits with literally whatever we are doing. It could be a song you know, never heard of, or haven’t heard in forever. You’d love me.) then I jot down what I have come up with so I can remember. I just like to have things ready on demand. You never know who you meet. This is how I started The I.M.A.N.I. Project by the way. My After hours, thinking about how was I going to become an independent contractor. I wrote everything down, took what I wrote down and turned it into a portfolio, which is now a website. Potentially becoming so much more. As I listen to this After Hours Album by Mack Wilds, (ya’ll sleep) it inspired me to write how my definition of after hours has changed.

I would now define my After Hoursafter normal working hours, working on YOUR dreams.”



Teacher or Tattletale

I spend a lot of time around teachers. Listening to them vent, bounce off ideas, meetings about students, etc. I know how to decipher between the teachers to build certain relationships with and the kinds to have. The education system is nothing but a chess game. Like you really have to strategize on every move, because  if you make an impulse move it can all fall down. And that can range from a very small issue to the biggest you can think of that happens on school campuses. With that being said, I am going to tell  a little bit about my day. And you decide if the main character of my story is a teacher or tattletale.

I have a caseload of students that I work with and I am finally being stern on what students I work with. I can finally be all in their business and not have to focus on the other 80 students that attend the school. Most of the time I am floating around, checking in on classes and my babies. Making sure they have pencils, see if they got any sleep the night before, hug them, and all that kind of stuff. One of my students on my caseload was good to go in his class all by himself so I checked on another student. Now I specifically go in that class because the class is difficult and the teacher has a string accent. I worry about my students tuning him out, getting frustrated, and acting up because they don’t understand what the teacher is saying. Now, he is a good teacher. But some of the students find it hard to follow because his accent is strong, he lectures for a long time, lastly they do a lot of packet and book work.

I’ve had a conversation with him a while back about putting some activities with his lessons and showing videos so the students can see and hear someone else explaining his lessons. Just as a suggestion. I’ve worked with these students for a long time and plus I know exactly what they are going through. We ALL had that one teacher with a thick accent teaching like Calculus or Physics. (If you’re reading this and attended Carter High… Mrs. Edu was too much !!!!!) So I get their frustration. But as he was trying to go over the lesson, the kids were so lost. Girls in the class were being disruptive on purpose because they could not follow along. For the students that were actually trying to obtain the information they couldn’t understand a word he was saying. Then he asked them to do part of the assignment by themselves. No guidance. He mentioned that they should know all of the material. He taught it to 9th graders before. I’m looking around like… no he didn’t say that. That’s really going to discourage them now. The work required them to look in a book or computer to get the answers. He hands them 2 different books and tells them to look in the index. They didn’t know what to look up, it was many pages on the subject, and I couldn’t even figure it out. Luckily, I walk with a chromebook for reasons like these. My initial thought was, he should have had the chromebooks on hand so the students can research online. At least as an option for those who get a little overwhelmed with 2 different books on 2 different subjects trying to fill in 1 table. The fact that the students I was sitting next to were determined to find the answers made me happy, while the other half of the class was on their phones. But that’s what happens when you don’t meet students where they are at. Instead of going along with what you think they should know. All students don’t learn the same or at the same pace.

As the students were researching the answers, I asked the teacher has he thought about doing more interactive lessons so they can learn the material better. I mentioned, some of your students might be kinesthetic learners and they probably will respond better if they saw a video, or to see how things work, drawing processes themselves, etc. He got an attitude with me y’all! Yes I should have pulled him to the side, but those kids were going through it. And if they fail the class just because they can barely understand what the teacher is saying… I will be pissed and have hella kids to advocate for. Anyway, he told me to look at the paper he was holding up and said, “what does that say?” I started dying. I said, “IDK you are their teacher, that’s your lesson, you tell me.” It was a lab. A lab that they are never going to get to do because he will not move on from the lesson until they learn the material, which they won’t because they don’t understand what the young lad is saying.-_- See this cycle? The students started giving suggestions on how they would be more successful in the class. They said, put on a video, show us a power point, have us draw something, let us come to the board and do something. They are tired of doing book work. And I don’t blame them. I showed them a video of what he was going over so they could follow. I had the video on mute and they were following along perfectly. He asked me could I stop so they could focus on him. I told him they were following video on the same things that he was teaching the class. Almost verbatim even. But I put it away so they could follow him and I apologized. They went back to listening to his “lecture” and got completely lost at that point. I took the computer and left the classroom.

I went on with my day, teaching my after school class that went awesome by the way 🙂 The principal popped in my class a couple of times to see when my class was over to meet. To myself I’m thinking “Girrrlllll we had 3 meetings today, what now?” LOL. But of course after my class I went to her office. Long and behold I see the teacher with the accent in her office as well. I already knew what was going to happen. The principal told me why she brought me in. It was because the teacher said I was causing a disruption and distraction in his room. I tried sooooooo hard not to laugh. A baby chuckle did come out, but I brought it back. The teacher put on dubs of what happened. Even told the principal I was disruptive because of the computer incident. She pointed to the assignment and noticed that the computer was apart of it. Then mentioned he should of had more available to the students so they could all have access. Point for Imani. He TRIED it when he said he had to start the lesson all the way from the beginning because I made it seem like the kids didn’t know what was going on. I chuckled again. I told the principal, they asked him to start all the way from the beginning because they realized they had know idea what the material was on and in order to do the lab they need to understand it. They want to do the lab because they are HANDS ON LEARNERS. But he wants to stick to the district ways of doing things, which I get. But come on… for the past hour a student thought the teacher was saying one term in place in another. He got so upset, he asked can he start all the way from the beginning to make sure he knows the material. That wasn’t my fault? I’m teaching the students to use their voice instead of just sitting their accepting the way they are being taught. That leaves room for failure, no marks, and academic habits. Not on my watch. I just went along with everything. I apologized for “disrupting” his class and that I would not be doing that anymore. Pretty much I am going to pull my student out of that class and we will work on her assignments, unless they have a lab. He won’t have to worry about me being in that class or giving my ideas on how he can better it. He sure wasn’t saying nothing about me managing his class because he couldn’t. Just saying. Class Management plays such a huge role in instruction. Many teachers can have all the degrees and knowledge in the world, but they need to be able to manage a class as well. So he can continue to get coached on how to manage his class and how to reach and teach his students. Because Imani will not anymore.

So is he a teacher a tattletale? Comment Below




MLK Service Day

Happy MLK Day!

It wasn’t just a day off for me this year. Yes I post my pic or post a tweet to pay homeage to the man who changed the lives of all Americans. The students I work with and the Leadership team I help run during Morning block at Bunche, decided to do a coat drive for the homeless. There was a class of about 10 students who come together and think of ways to enhance the school based on student voice as well as bridging the gap between the community and school. The students had many ideas on how they would execute the coat drive. All amazing ideas. If I didn’t know most of it was going to be all talk. But for the people who did show up, it was an amazing learning experience for us all.

We had been collecting donations for days to pass out to families in the community on a first come first served basis at Bunche, then set up where there was homeless populations so they could come and get coats, water and hotdogs. From the leadership class, 2 students showed up. They just so happen to be 2 of my fave gals. For the simple fact they are intelligent, love to help, and they go the extra mile to do things for other people. Another teacher joined us, as well as the Parent Liason and her colleagues who helped with the donations. I came just in time to go to the first location to set up the clothes.

We went by 6th and Castro where there is a large community of tents. No one was really in them so one of the students and teacher walked to let people know we had coats and food for them. Sparking conversation with some of the tent residents as well as looking at our surroundings, they didn’t really need any clothes. People drop clothes and food all along the streets for the homeless. What they really needed was new tarps, tents, pillows, and sleeping bags. There we go thinking we are doing service and not assessing the situation at hand. But like I said, it was a learning experience.

Our last destination was on Northgate, another heavy populated tent neighborhood. There was a sign that said “Homeless Lives Matter Too??” with hash marks of how many homeless people have passed or something. It was 62. My students were talking to the residents and listening to their stories. It was such a moving experience. And just doing what MLK would be so proud of. It was very uplifting. The residents were so happy. We were over there picking out clothes and talking about outfits. We really made their day.

There were other people around giving out food and care packages. We stopped and talked to a few people, thanking them for what they were doing. (Hey San Leandro High School!) Overall just a great day. Full of love, laughter, community service, fashion, and blessings. I am so proud of my students. These are some of the things I want to incorporate for the I.M.A.N.I. Project. So glad I can be there representing my businesses and my students at the same time. I can’t wait for Wednesday. I know my girls are going to tear their class apart for not showing up.


Inspiring Mentoring And Nurturing Individuals….UPDATES

It’s been so long since I have posted! The reason being is I have been so busy getting settled with the new school year. Even though it has been almost a month now. But I am here to share a few updates on The I.M.A.N.I. Project.

  1. I got my business license for the I.M.A.N.I. Project
  2. Finally opened my business account $$$
  3. Got insurance/Liability
  4. I have a virtual assistant (Heeyyyyy A’kialah!!!!) who has been getting my entire life together. Her marketing skills and ideas are amazing!
  5. I have been writing lesson plans like crazy and the feedback on them have been great
  6. Signed my FIRST CONTRACT with Bay Area Community Resources to facilitate Girls’ Group (now named Women’s Studies) as well as be Lead on the Senior Project at Ralph J. Bunche High School

To me these are big milestones ! I have been working so hard to come this far. To be able to sign a contract with an organization I was just working for last year is HUGE! My dreams are coming true right before my eyes. Still, there is sooo much work that needs to be done. Especially doing fundraisers, getting sponsors or donors, getting supplies, and signing more contracts. I think what I am most impressed with is that I have done all of this mostly on my own. Used my own money, researched for hours a day, and completely staying organized as much as possible. It’s a struggle working out of a studio apartment and working part time hours to fund your lifestyle and business. I don’t even know how I did it, but I am not giving up. And these updates that I have posted are reasons for me to keep going.


the imani project1.jpg

End of Summer Blues

I usually feel so ready for the new school year (work) to begin. Literally, I can only handle one month of summer and then I am completely over it. But this year… I’m not feeling it. Back to school can kiss my butt.

I thought I would be in such a liberated space, ready to advocate for new kids, put on new programs…doing what I do and love. But nahh. That is not the case this time around. My summer was fun and very productive and I was anxious to get back to work. But the hours, pay, and the the extras that come with the job is not okay. So here I am applying for jobs AGAIN and working so hard on The I.M.A.N.I. Project. It’s My exact reason for starting my own youth services program. I know my worth. I know how dope of a youth advocate I am. So even though I have to pay these bills to survive in the Bay, I cannot lose sight on the vision. My vision.

Aside from the dreadful thought of going back to work, this summer I have lived and learned. It feels so good to be able to reflect and learn from life lessons and accept that SHIT HAPPENS. What’s important is how you bounce back.I am learning that everyday. With jobs, friends, family, relationships, life itself, in the midst of getting to know myself, putting on that crown and facing each obstacle with grace screams QUEEN. And I shall act as such in the situations I can’t control and even the ones that I can.  But remain positive and optimistic. Even when it seems impossible to do. Gotta let it go and move on.

B/c sometimes I want to just tell people they are crossing the line with certain things. But mama always told me to let somethings go.

I am so proud that I maintained somewhat of a social life. I went on adventures, hung out with my girls, and networked all through the Bay Area. My reasoning for taking off work for the summer was for me to work on my businesses, which I did. But I need a little fun to get my creative juices flowing. And boyyy do I have some dope things in the works.

This summer, I felt that I got to know myself better. I was able to explore different career options, decipher between my strengths and weaknesses as a person, what I want for my future and how to obtain it. As well as connect with my spiritual side. (Yoga & Meditation) Typical mid 20s crisis, but you would be amazed of how many of us think we need to have it together, and we really don’t. I feel like social media is trying to speed up our lives, comparing them to one another. Social media is the new “virtual society.” We, yes WE are living by unwritten rules that people make behind keyboards. Take YOUR Time and do you. It’s okay that I am taking my time to discover new things to see what sticks as well make a few mistakes just to learn from them. It felt good to take the time to do that exploration. I feel that I am a better me.

I really do not want my summer to end and usually I cannot wait until it’s over. But I want to continue to enjoy my days of working on my businesses. Being in charge of my schedule and the tasks I want to complete each day. Having the freedom to do spontaneous things and not have to schedule it around my day job. But although I have the end of summer blues for the first time ever, I am optimistic that I will land something that I love to do and pay my bills, as well as work on both Eccentric Vibes and The I.M.A.N.I. Project.

Clean slate.

I'm starting over. A new pattern of thoughts. A new wave of emotions. A new connection to the world. A new belief system in myself.


Summer Unemployment

This is my first summer not working. Hmm let me rephrase… not working for anyone. I have decided to take the summer off and work on my business, The I.M.A.N.I. Project.

My last few weeks of work I decided to take some time off or at least find employment that didn’t ask too much of me. My plan didn’t work out so well. Luckily I saved money to be able to survive summer 16. The only thing that sucks is I am going to have to start from the ground up in savings.  So here I am, 3 weeks into summer vacation, no employment and feeling like I have not accomplished anything. I had goals written out and a task list that I must complete everyday. That way I can feel like I am doing something with my life. I’m a bit of a workaholic and I have too many ideas to just sit down.

My summer goals consist of:

Finishing my portfolio for the I.M.A.N.I. Project and other business

Emailing and setting up meetings with potential contractors for the I.M.A.N.I. Project

Studying for the CBEST to get the experience of substitute teaching to help my business

Studying for the ACE Exam

Working out kinks for Eccentric Vibes (online boutique)

Organizing my entire apartment (too much clutter!)

Research on potential business ventures

I have been working on all of these daily, but I could go a little harder. I am motivated because I don’t want to work for people the rest of my life and I plan on doing great things in the education and social work field. I have to remain focus and just because I am not making any money right now, I do believe I will make everything back on my own terms. Sometimes you have to take time out to make your dreams come true. No one else’s. Since I am good at managing my money, I will continue to make MY dreams come true. Week 4 of summer unemployment will be HARDWORKING. I am ready !

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Move in Silence? For Whaaat

So much has taken off for me and The I.M.A.N.I. Project !  If your aren’t familiar  with what my project consist of…. it’s a service for at risk youth in the Bay Area that works with schools and organizations  to implement  programs and services needed on the spectrum  of  academics, enrichment, social, and life skills. This is my baby ya’ll !

I have made a summary of services that I want to provide for schools and organizations. These services consist of skills that I have developed and excelled in over time working with youth. Now instead of being paid a small hourly wage for my ideas, time to branch out and become an independent contractor and make the money I deserve. I know that I have 100 million projects under my belt and I never have time or finish one. But this summer is definitely the time for me to get organized and work on all projects. Especially this one!

I have been working on a business plan, getting my business license, making lesson plans and curriculum, as well as pretty much designing my own programs. It is really a dream come true! It’s what I love to do! When I worked in different schools, my bosses looked for me to put dope things together for youth. I have put on so many events, facilitated groups, taught classes, etc it’s no doubt in my mind my business will take off. I just have to continue to put in the work. I know there are many services doing pretty much the same thing but what stands out about me is that I am working alone and I really have the ability to work with any child. Schools that I have worked in lacks so many resources that they burn out their staff or underpay them to go above and beyond. Why do that when you can hire me? I do it all!

So besides me really trying to geth things organized and up and running legally, I still have to put word out about what I am doing. Networking is key! And boooyyy let me tell you, I have been trying to connect with people and it is really paying off. That is why I never really understood why people on social media post things like “move in silence” blah blah. Not I! I will post on Facebook, twitter, continue to blog, go to events, etc so people can know what I am trying to do. If no one knows your moves then how can you connect? You never know who is willing to help or have a connection. We have to help one another to build. So yes I will continue to post on my social media and people can support or not. But in the end, things will take off. Speaking it to existence 🙂

I have been looking for clients to do a test run of services, but I need to do the ground work as well. Show up and show out to schools and organizations. Sitting behind a computer posting asking who is willing to help is not paying off for me. So It’s time to hit the pavement. Setting up meetings and doinf presentations, whatever it takes. The time is now. #gogetter

Shifting gears.. At my current job I have had the opportunity to implement two prgrams. One that I have mentioned in a previous post (Girls’ Group) and a new one that we just did which was a Credit Recovery. My co workers and I came up with a plan to get the kids who shied away from a few credits or their transcripts were wrong, we created a curriculum and classes for these students to graduate on time. (Check out post on Credit Recovery Program). Well the principal and her boss were so impressed by the outcome that they want to have this program continue in the school. That was huge to hear! That’s one client down. I passed the message along to my boss about what I wanted to do in the future, and she saw the success for the Girls’ Group and Credit Recovery. I had to send her my summary of services to see my chances of them hiring me as an indpendent contractor as well. And guess what…. It’s a GO!!!!! I will be working on curriculum to implement programs in continuation high schools and whoever else they recommend me to. I was going to leave this job at first but then I thought, let me try my luck. And it is paying off! I continue to tell the people around me what I am working on and all they do is support. Mind you… every person is black too. That makes it more of importance to me to succeed because my people want the same for me. It’s so much B.S. that goes on in the education system, that I am really just trying to save the kids ya’ll.


Stay Tuned ! So much more to come !
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Girls’ Group

I don’t know how many sites I have worked at that tries to get a Girls’ Group up and running. Sometimes it really is hard to find the perfect person to connect with young ladies. You really have to build a rapport with them and let them know that this is their sanctuary. You really just can’t get any instructor to facilitate the group or girls will be learning all types of weird things that they have no business learning about. Believe me…. I know from past experiences. Girls would run to me after their girls’ group session to complain about the facilitator and the content she was teaching. They would be scared to go back! I’m just staying, everyone is not built to be a good facilitator.

I have had the pleasure of doing my first Girls’ Group at a continuation high school that I am currently working at. They have been trying to get a group going for the last 5 years and wasn’t successful until my co worker and I came into the picture. With some guidance and support from our supervisor we were able to gain these girls trust, build a rapport with them, and actually keep them coming back to meetings each week.

The school I work at is very small and very male dominated between the student and teacher ratio. So the principal told us how important it was to start the group and the need for it. Since there is sooo much testosterone on campus, the ladies have no where to go or have their voices heard because there is so many males on campus. Having a Girls’ Group provides a safe place for girls can talk about issues or just be themselves was the goal of the group. As well as to solve any conflict that the girls may face being outnumbered by males on campus.

We wanted the space to be all about them. You know… we asked what they wanted to get out of the group. So as a first bonding activity, the girls decorated a jar and wrote on labels something that they value. What they put inside the jar were things they wanted to get out of Girls’ Group. Based on what they put in the jar is how we built our curriculum for every  week. (see lesson plans end of post)


We had topics on the spectrum of jobs, relationships, respect, family,  school/college, goals, friendships, self love, self care, etc. A 30 minute slot during lunch time is no joke! We could hardly get anything done. But when you have food and good conversation, attendance definitely goes up. When the girls walk in we have a sign in sheet. I always have on Pandora to set the mood. Then they head straight to the snacks or food provided and sit down in circle. We start every session with a check in question either about the topic of the day or just to see how our girls are feeling. If there is anything they want to get off their chest, this is the segment we allow them . to vent if need be. Then we go into our lesson and end with a reflective activity or closing circle. It’s usually something short and sweet like one word to describe how you’re feeling. Rose and a thorn. Something to that extent.

Since starting Girls’ Group in February, I can say we met our goal of lowering girl conflicts on campus. We also have created that space where the girls on campus can come and talk to us about anything. Bigger news about our Girls’ Group is that we are now moving it to after school as well so if the girls need more credits, this is an elective option for them. Lastly, we are taking them on a college tour to UC Davis. I don’t know if you guys agree with me but that is major progress ! Especially with the circumstances and obstacles we face everyday from working at a continuation high school, I am damn proud of us!

Here is an example of the newsletter/flyer I make every week to remind the girls on campus about our meetings and what the topic of discussion will be.

Relationships and Media


Here is an example of the lesson plan of Relationships and Media


The photos used in the activity

Media Portrayals



Reflective Activity


Snack Set Up