Nature: For the Mind, Body, and Soul

I’ve been craving to be around nature for the entire summer. My schedule would barely allow it though. I have been so busy this summer with traveling, working, and being a businesswoman. Every week I would tell my boyfriend we need to go on a hike, to the water or something. But our schedules would not allow it. Hell, I barely seen the young lad all summer due to our hectic schedules. But this weekend made up for everything. I got everything I’ve been longing for in the last 3 months, all in one weekend.

My boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to Monterey. Pure relaxation. All we wanted was to take a bomb shower/bath and go by the water. That was the premise of our trip. But it turned into something so much more. Just being by ocean water felt amazing. Inhaling and exhaling the crisp air was just what I needed to clear my mind. We got a room at the Hamptons which was nice. It had a gym so my boyfriend was juiced about that as well as a pool and Jacuzzi. Our room was the perfect size for us. It had a desk area so I was able to get my homework done and study, I was thrilled about that. I knocked out my homework right when we arrived so I could enjoy the rest of my weekend.

The bath I took though, OMG! Steamy bath while playing my “Ginuwine” Pandora and just relaxing. Then I took a shower with the extra shower head. That put the icing on the cake right there !!! I felt so relaxed with no care in the world. My body felt like it was literally on cloud 9. It just a good feeling being in a quiet area. Ya’ll know I still live in a loud area. So I was soaking in all of the quietness and relaxation.

Me and my boyfriend are foodies so we take TIME finding out what we eat anywhere we go. We like to make sure we get the bang for our buck. We dined at this family owned Italian restaurant named Gino’s. The reviews were really good so we decided to give it a try. And boy am I glad we did! That food was soooo bomb ! I had a delicious pasta dish and my boyfriend had a salmon dish. Both dishes were out of this world good. You know the food is good when you keep bringing up what’s good about it during the whole trip. Their salad was delicious as well. Their in house Italian dressing was to die for ! I licked my salad bowl clean.

Check out was at 12 the next morning. So my boyfriend woke up early as hell and went to the gym. He came back with breakfast from downstairs at the hotel. I woke up to freshly made waffles and cranberry juice. I was in heaven ! After breakfast we started packing up and getting dressed so we can head out. I told him we were not leaving until I get to some water. He made it happen for me because, yea I’m spoiled. I knew he wanted to go home, but nah. I was going to the water. I needed to make my trip complete. Plus being around nature puts me at ease. On the way home we stopped in Santa Cruz at this beach we visited a few months ago. It had some secluded areas I knew he would like. We found a little cove in the corner, sat our beach chairs up, and enjoyed the breeze. We played in the water and sand like some kids. It was so fun. I did yoga on the beach, just to ease my mind, body , and soul. I knew I had a very busy week coming up so I wanted to take advantage of where I was to get mentally prepared. When I tell you it was the most peaceful trip ever, I’m not lying. We ended our trip stopping at one of our favorite Thai places and dined in before we hit the road. That really put the icing on the cake.

As has been noted, this weekend was needed for me. For one, I haven’t spent actual time with my boyfriend in months. We see each other in passing so this weekend meant everything to me. I was finally able to take a bath, sleep in, and go by the water. I even squeezed in a little hike while getting to our beach location. I couldn’t ask for more. The peace and quiet was everything ! I can honestly say I am ready for this upcoming week of busy-ness. If you are ever feeling like blah and need a little pick me up, take a little over night trip to somewhere with nature and just breathe. Eat some delicious food and sleep in. Guarantee you will back at 100 and ready to take on the world. Like I am feeling right now !!! ūüôā


10 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

  1. The thought of going to work everyday makes you annoyed:¬† Can’t sleep at night because you are dreading going to work the next day.
  2. You simply stop caring:  About being on time, the people, the work, etc
  3. You don’t admire or look up to the people above you:¬† No mentoring because your “superiors” don’t know what they’re doing or you simply don’t like their style of “leadership.”
  4. You have reached your learning limit:¬† You’ve exceeded all expectations and knowledge ¬†for your job that you don’t find it challenging or fun anymore. No more opportunities for growth.
  5. Feeling undervalued:¬† Going above and beyond for your place of employment but co workers or bosses throw you under the bus, don’t appreciate your work, or even say please and thank you. You aren’t being compensated fairly¬†for the amount and quality of your work.
  6. Your financial situation weighs heavy on your mind:¬† Your job or jobs¬†¬†aren’t paying enough to support your lifestyle to the point you go in depression just thinking about it.
  7. Asking yourself “is this job worth it?” :¬† Sanity, health, having a life, commute too far, etc.
  8. Work environment is filled with negative vibes:¬† People being fake, bad attitudes, you have to pick up other’s slack, lies, deceit, manipulation, sexism, etc)
  9. All you do is talk about work:¬† How much you don’t like it, what you could be doing instead, how much the people and environment frustrates you)
  10. Your body is telling you NO:¬† You’ve reached the point that you feel your job taking a toll¬†over your entire mind, body, and soul… it’s time to leave

I have quit enough jobs to know the signs. And the reason I made this list was because I know a lot of people could relate. I am currently thinking about transitioning out of my¬†profession due to these signs. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Try something new! I know financial reasons can play a large part in parting ways from your job but if you can land something or you are ready to chase your dreams… Do it! Whatever makes you happy to get out of the bed every morning ūüôā

Thanksgiving Break Chronicles: Day 6 &7

The last few days of my Thanksgiving break were cool. The only thing that would have made it better was QUALITY SLEEP!

If you have been keeping up with my blogs, you should know how much I value sleep. Well, since I live next to a bar and have a snoring bear for a boyfriend, it’s hard to get sleep. Hence…. my last 2 days of my break. I pretty much mentally prepared myself to go back to work all weekend. My line of work takes a lot out of me on a daily basis. I already knew what battles I might be facing when going back. So I counted on a a weekend’s good sleep. Sadly, that did not happen. When the bar next door closed at 1:30am, they decided to do construction until 6:00am or later in the morning. Mind you, I live right on top of the bar. My apartment complex has very thin walls. I’m telling you, I could hear a phone conversation perfectly down the hall it’s ridiculous. I tried to fall asleep for hours but all I kept hearing was pounding and drilling through my walls. I got fed up! I was so sleepy y’all I was about to cry. I found out they were doing construction and wouldn’t be complete until 6ish in the morning because I stormed downstairs to the bar in my robe and everything! Looking all types of Granny and I did not care! I thought by them already closing the bar at 1:30am ¬†is already enough noise, they want to add construction all night to the mix. I started crying because I was so sleepy. I’m such a baby sometimes. But I lack so much sleep, I don’t even know how I am alive right now.

Pray for me ya’ll. First week back to working being sick and having no sleep is causing me to be on edge. Again, this is why self care is so important!


What makes this sign happy: Not doing anything the entire day except for sleeping and eating. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs:


Thanksgiving Break Chronicles: Day 3, 4, & 5

Day 3

Hello Beautiful Souls!

This week has been going by so fast and I am not feeling that. This means in just a few days I have to return back to work. I am so over the commute. Anywho, Day 3 of my Thanksgiving Break was very relaxing. I am so proud of myself for not burying myself in work or running many errands. Somehow I always find a way to make myself busy…certainly not this break. I did some housework while jamming out to Pandora on the Roku. Dom Kennedy, Pretty Ricky, and Erykah Badu stations are my fave when cleaning. I did a¬†quick pop up shop for a friend and sold a few items from Eccentric Vibes. It’s still in the works guys. SORRY FOR THE WAIT! But life is expensive. I can only do so much at a time. Plus, its just a hobby for me. Nothing I want to be major. I feel like I have a dope and unique style. I just want to share that with the world. IS THAT OKAY?

Later in the afternoon, my boyfriend and I went to Home Depot to pick up PVC piping. I have been wanting¬†to make a diy photo backdrop. Ohhh yeah! Photo shoots poppin! I have been smiling ever since! So, I am a Pinterest fanatic! No! Seriously! I scroll on Pinterest for hours looking at so many DIY projects, memes, photos, ideas, etc. On the many hours of Pinterest surfing that I do, I came across an easy DIY Photo Backdrop idea.For one, I love to take pics. This means awesome fashion pics for Eccentric Vibes ūüôā Second, I feel like I should have my own private photographer that follows me all day when I have on a dope outfit on. But that’s not a reality at the moment. So this is the next best thing. Just setting up my tripod, putting the pipes together, and it’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! I am excited to test it out. We shall see how that goes. ūüôā

Day 4

Happy Thanksgiving or Native American Genocide Day,

Whatever you want to call it, it was just another day for me. I just find it funny that the African American Community pertains to be “woke” 363 days out of the year but Thanksgiving and Christmas people continue to feed into the American Consumerism, made up Biblical references that people still cannot commit an actual reasoning of celebration, plus the¬†mass genocide of indigenous peoples who are fighting to have a clean source of water. It certainly baffles me. But something I am so proud of myself for doing was not going all the way up¬†on social media about my thoughts. I’ve said enough¬†over the years over the topics of¬†major holidays. But¬†again, I like to¬†bake¬†treats and eat candy on Halloween. Does¬†that make me a hypocrite? I don’t know the¬†answer to that. Maybe someone could tell me.¬†This¬†time around, I posted a tweet or two and went on about my day.¬†Maybe even¬†one Facebook post. But not a Kanye rant. Sometimes¬†I can really take it there. (Praying for BaeūüôŹūüŹĺ)

Just chilling in my Princess Pad watching TV. All I do is watch Tv and listen to music at home because it’s so therapeutic for me. There are a few projects I’ve been wanting to try out so I made that a task for the day. I tried to needle and stich a jean jacket with fabric on the back. It didn’t come out to shabby being my first time. Later I went to my boyfriend’s house and visited his family. I haven’t seen them in a while. I like the fact it wasn’t a traditional Thanksgiving. His entire family can cook, including his little sisters. They all made their own meat (fish, fried chicken, steak) to go with the side dishes (stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, stuffing, & macaroni). We were there for about 2 hours and went home. My love had work the next morning. All in all, I definitely enjoyed my day.

Day 5

I’m sure all of you are stuffing your faces with leftovers from Thanksgiving. I could sure go for some apple pie right now. Yuuum!

Today was a very chill day. My boyfriend came over after he got off work¬†and we watched sports and relaxed. He was helping me come up with ideas for Eccentric Vibes. I love when he gets involved. It’s so cute. By mid afternoon he had left. I decided to watch movies¬†on TV¬†(Lottery Ticket, Barbershop 2, & Friday After Next) It wasn’t that bad of a lineup to where I had to turn on my Roku. Into Friday After Next I started falling asleep. I woke up 3 hours later and realized I had taken a nap. I was so happy! I haven’t taken a nap in so long. There is constant noise going on where I live. Waking up at 6:45 every morning to construction being done in one of the apartments. The loud crash of glass bottles being thrown in the trashcan from the bar next door early in the morning. Or the loud couple that argues every morning and night about absolutely nothing! It’s so petty and loud. I am a very light sleeper and living under these conditions can drive you insane. As you can see, that nap meant everything to me and more.

This break is going by so fast and I am so sad. But I a glad that I have been taking the time out to really relax. Now, I need to spend time thinking about the next steps in my career and in life. I need a quick road trip to clear my head ASAP. So many decisions to be made.

Send some positive vibes my way. I can totally use them right now.

Thanksgiving Break Chronicles: Day 1

Day 1 of my break was so chill. I had planned to do so much, and didn’t end up doing most of anything. Sometimes it really is good to just relax at home, plus it just makes me feel better when I don’t have to make any obligations. True Freedom LOL just what I wanted.

It felt so good not to wake up to an alarm. But living where I do, something or someone is bound to wake me up. I was able to lay around in bed for a while. That felt so amazing and unreal. I am usually up moving at 7:00am. Making lunch, packing bags, making sure I have all important docs, etc. So to get up and be able to watch day time tv for a few minutes was so rewarding.

I finally got all the way up and talked to my boyfriend on the phone during his shift at work. He gets so happy when I don’t have to work so I can talk to him to¬†make his day go by faster. He’s so cute LOL. As he was doing his routine, I was making a to do list…a major to do list. I cannot start my week out without a to do list. Even when I don’t have to work,¬†no ¬†meetings, interviews, etc, I still need to make a list of important things that need to get done. Or things I want to do. I noticed while writing my MASTER TO DO LIST, there are some things I want to put on my vision board. As my list got longer into more categories, I thought “Wow, this vision board will really put everything in perspective for me. I will be able to organize, prioritize, and balance all of my ideas and future plans) I get total anxiety when I get overwhelmed with too much on my plate. But it no one’s fault but mine because I am the one that keeps adding things to it. So to do lists help me take a step back and see what I need to do to gain my sanity. Pretty much be on top of my ISH.

Between the convos and I’ll call you backs, I shifted into working on my businesses. Doing countless hours of research online. I stay glued to my computer, it’s crazy. But in order to be successful, research is what I definitely dedicate my time to. I noticed I have freakin 4 WEBSITES. Like who am I?

The I.M.A.N.I. Project

Eccentric Vibes Blog


Eccentric Vibes Online Boutique

I spent some time reconstructing all of my websites. I had forgot all about Tumblr. Until I went to go take a peep at my page, and I did not like what I saw. So even though I haven’t been on Tumblr in months, it gave me the inspiration to spruce up my other pages. Played my¬†Spotify Playlist and went to work. I had so much fun.¬†Thank GOD for those old school MYSPACE days. If it wasn’t up for me spending hours making my page into a glitter graphic, music junky, scrolling selfie website, I would not have some of the mediocre knowledge about web design that I do today. So Thank you Tom! Those years of “graphic design” really paid off. I even created my own diy logo for my blog page. Now when you guys go to my Home Page, you’ll see it… So proud of myself ūüôāeccentric-soul-logoI finished the day by trying some diy projects and failing at them miserably. I’m glad I do trial and error projects. There are just some things on Pinterest that I try and it does not looking like the pins. I get so frustrated. But then, I think about all of the diy projects I have on my board and just pick out the project I am going to try next time. We all can’t be good at everything. I sure am not.

Before bed I did a home workout. I have really been staying consistent in my home workouts. The kettle bell, dumb bell, and resistance band is life. Especially when your body just feels tight and aching like mine does everyday, it’s perfect. I have been doing yoga stretches in the beginning of my workout and the end right before going to bed. I sleep and feel so much better ! I want to continue this routine to see if there is a change in my sleep pattern. That is really what I working on. Sleeping well and throughout the entire night. As well as not waking up in pain every morning. That calls for a new blanket and possibly new bed. But until my funds can take care of that, fitness will have to do.

Day 1 full of peace and serenity. Self Care is so IMPORTANT.

#INTJ #Capricorn .... calm & collected in a moment of chaos will help put things into perspective more easily....:


Adventures in Maui

Beautiful souls! Ohhh do I have so much to share with you. I went to freakin Maui and it was AWESOME. Hands down one of the dopest trips I have evr taken and I’m gonna tell you why. Well, I’m not gonna write too much. Imma let you cool kids enjoy. Ready, Set, Gooooooooooo!

So this Maui trip really popped out of thin air LOL. One of my college friends (Heeyyy Ashley!) on Facebook posted about going to Maui with room and transportation for $600. I saw that, looked in my bank account, then instantly hit her up. I’ve been to Hawai’i before and experienced Honolulu but not Maui. Somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. And look at that, the opportunity presented itself. LOOK AT GOD.

Ashley had a dope itinerary planned and I was all for it, but we ended up adjusted it to make it economically stable for the both of us. Instead of the many things we had planned, we booked parasailing and made that a main activity to do while in Maui. But LAAWWWDDD did we do some dope shit!


Day 1

We waited for ours to get our rental car. Of course the day and the exact time we land, technology is against us. The computers at the car rental place had shut down. So, the first day in Maui we just chilled. Our hotel was on the beach so that was the first place we visited. We took a nice walk, met some nice people and just vibed. Later we went to get food. I got some Hawaiian BBQ. It was so bomb. I had my entire meal plan laid out. All I wanted to eat was Hawaiian BBQ, Mahi Mahi, Shrimp, and Lobster or Crab while in Maui. I definitely made it happen.



Day 2

Something I have always wanted to do was parasail. So I thought Maui was the perfect place to do so. Let me tell ya’ll, It was one of the coolest things I have done in my life. We bought a ticket on Trip Advisor for a boat ride and parasailing for $80 and it was worth it! The group of people we were on the boat with were so down to Earth. It was nonstop laughs the entire boat ride. DSC_0001.JPGOn top of that, they were playing Reggae music as we cruised in the crystal blue waters. I was singing my little heart out because I knew every song. When it was our turn to parasail I was nervous, but I kept my cool. We were going up 800 ft. in the air.  I was getting butterflies thinking about it. But I was soo ready to do it. Once we got in the air, we were chilling, soaking in that we were really about to be hella high in the air and witnessing a great ass view. It literally felt like we were floating in the air. It was seriously breathtaking. We ended the night getting some delicious food and chilling on the beach.





Day 3

We had made a decision to go on the road to Hana. We really wanted to see Red Sand Beach. But to get there we knew it would be a mission, so we made a whole day out of it. We drove on the road to Hana following the speed limit of 55 and under. That’s really the speed limit out there LOL. DSC_0464.JPGBut we were not expecting the trip that we were about to endure. The road to Hana was so scenic. I caught pretty much every moment on the Go Pro. We stopped at so many places to catch so many great views. It was almost too much to take in. The drive up there was crazy! So many tiny roads we had to pull over to let cars pass. The bumpy roads went on for miles, you couldn’t go over 10 miles. That was probably the worse part about the trip. Other than that, everything we saw and did was well worth it. Hands down best road trip EVER!













Day 4

This was our other chill day before we had to ship out the next morning. We went shopping for souvenirs. We stopped at a place that was on the way to where we went parasailing. This lady sets up shop in her van by a spot that has a cool view of the island. We bought a few things and headed closer to where we were staying. We stayed just down the street from a strip of bars, restaurants, and shops. This is where we were getting most of our food. Along with shopping for gifts to bring to our loved ones, we went spice tasting. I had to bring my boyfriend spices back home. And long and behold, an entire little shop for it. It was so fun! Especially because I live for spices, I was in heaven. We tried pretty much everything, and I bought pretty much everything I bought. The hot sauce I got tho…YASSSSS! So Good! We went snorkeling for the first time. Ashley connected with an old family friend who worked at the gear rental place at the hotel next to ours. So we got hooked up and had some fun in the water. At first I was so against it, but I was in Maui. I had to do it. After snorkeling, we went to get massages from students at a massage school (so affordable) and went to dinner at the restaurant next to ours. It was such a good way to end our trip.


Day 5

Said goodbye to Maui.

Day 6

Like a crazy person I went to work. My body is paying for it now. -_-



Lunch on the Rocks

This weekend was full of good vibes. I got a visit from an old friend I haven’t seen in years. We vibed off music and caught up on life , the usual¬†¬†when we used to hang out. I had such a good time. Those friends you don’t see for a very long time and it’s like they never left. Love those moments! I also went on a dope ass hike with my boyfriend. But this wasn’t an ordinary hike, we were RIVER CROSSING.

I wanted to do something different. And what an experience that was. We took an hour drive out towards Santa Cruz, but the destination was Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in Felton, Ca. It was not many people out there which we loved. That means we found a good destination. There were so many swimming holes, secret beaches, and rivers. We started our journey and spotted the first water hole. My boyfriend was too juiced that he was stripping down to get in the water, a group of people started coming down the hill. They were all looking for a destination and we all decided to walk together to see what else was out there. We walked with the group for a few minutes, then decided to continue our own adventure. It reminded me of the Naked And Afraid episodes when they were out in the wild for 40 days and you have the groups of survivors. People just following each other looking for bodies of water.

We ended up finding our first river. We crossed it. I felt like I was playing twister with the rocks.¬†Right¬†hand on big rock,¬† right foot¬†on smooth pebble. I had a whole rhythm going. That was the only way to get across. The rocks were different sizes and different levels. I fell so many times in the water. It was hilarious ! We spotted a log as we continued to cross the river. So we made that our destination. Now to get over there, the water was getting deeper as we were crossing. As well as walking up stream when the water was flowing down. Ya’ll know I’m tiny. So just imagine my little self taking a steps and not knowing when I was reaching the deep parts. My little body was just sinking in the water while my boyfriend was just gliding through the course. We got to the log and it looked a little iffy. Like too many people were having too much fun on it. It was cracking. Too risky, but we had to get on there. I channeled my inner gymnist and balanced across the log as if it was a balance beam. Those years in gymnastics¬†really paid off.¬†We looked like an episode of Afro American Ninja Warrior and The Challenge (Rivals, Battle of the exes, etc) We made it on the log and enjoyed a bag of chips on the log in the middle of the river. It was so peaceful and a beautiful moment.

We kept walking to see what else we could find. We¬†were running into the same people, and they started to follow us. We didn’t know where we were going, neither did they. They were looking for something specific. When they found nothing, Kris and I disappeared from the tribe again. We found a swimming hole that had about 5 people there having the time of their lives. So I kept walking because I heard water, and it was another river. No one was over there and it was very secluded. My boyfriend and I set up camp right there. We sat on rocks¬†in the middle of the river and made sandwiches, fruit and chips for¬†our¬† Lunch on the Rocks. It was such a great way to end our adventure.

We came home and my boyfriend cooked crab, Mediterranean bread, and corn. A great weekend of good vibes, fitness, and exploration.  Happy August !

Peace of Mind

Back in the Bay! My weekend trip back home was dope. It was something definitely needed. As you know I am working on multiple projects. One of them is  my online boutique. I finally got my mom on board to start creating again. She is really my idea woman. She gets me so hype on new ideas and supports everything I do. So now that I am back, I am ready to get to work!

I didn’t want to sit in the house today. I was only out of town for the weekend and booyyyy did I miss this Bay Area weather. So to get my creative juices flowin and free my mind, I decided to go on a jog today in my backyard aka The Hayward Shoreline. The weather, scenery, and animals just gave me so much life. I made lime cilantro water to take on my jog. It gave me so much energy! I only wanted to stay out there for 30 mins, but I ended up walking and jogging for an hour. I did some yoga right by the water. The fresh air is what really kept me going. I utilized the benches, rocks, and hills to do different excercises. Probably one of the best workouts I had in a long time.

I felt so at peace. During my jog/walk I was able to come up with many ideas for my online boutique. As if every step I took, a new idea was brewing in my head. Although I haven’t really ran since I used to play basketball, today was a good day for a jog and a walk to get a peace of mind.

Stay tuned ! 


Slowly but Surely…

I have not been going to the gym at all and I am so disappointed in myself for it. Especially when they take the money out of my account and I haven’t been utilizing their services. I think because I haven’t been to the gym with my gym buddies in a while, I have lost the urge to go. We would do nothing but laugh, catch up on life, of course work out and that was literally everything I needed. There is seriously nothing like a little girl time. And since I don’t have many girl friends and always up under my boyfriends, GYM TIME is something I really looked forward too.

So now where does that leave me and my fitness journey ?

I have bought a kettle bell and resistance bands and I am slowly but surely getting back on my fitness hype. I have to take it slow since I am consumed with so much WORK! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is get in your car and drive to the gym. So I have created a small regime to keep me going. (and to help me fall asleep at night)

Here are some of my favorite Kettlebell exercises.

(you can purchase for $5 at DD’s Discount or Burlington Coat Factory)

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One of my favorite resistance band workouts

Resistance Band Workout via Run Pretty:

You can take a few minute while watching your favorite television show or while you are cooking a delicious meal in your rice cooker. Well that works for me LOL. I steam all of my food now!!

I will be getting back in the gym. Just starting back using the machines instead of weights. Not quite ready for all of that yet. But I will be.

Cruisin the Coast

If you have ready any of my post under my fitness journey page, you can see that workout week 3 &4 didn’t exist. But this trip along the coast made up for workouts I didn’t do, or gave me a moderate exercise to get me back in the mood to be on my fitness hype.

Kris and I haven’t went or planned a hike for May. We mentioned it but didn’t act on anything because this was a busy month for us. So he brought it up and told me to pick a destination and we out. So yesterday that is just what we did. I had to switch up locations. We normally hit hikes with hills, trees, lakes, creeks, etc. So this time I wanted to be by clear beautiful waters and maybe a challenging hike. I had it, destination set… Garrapata State Park.

We packed up our car with all of our tech ish Solar panel, Go Pro, Cameras, lenses. We brought fruit to snack on for our adventure. Plums, apples, strawberries, blood oranges, and mangoes. We also brought along our little pup  that we were doggy sitting.

The ride along the way was sooo scenic ! It was just a 2 hour drive going towards Monterey and Big Sur. We had enetered Carmel by the Sea. We started seeing epic views of the coast so we knew were in the right vecinity. We drove down the coast and jumped out the car when there was a view that we coudn’t pass up. It was soooo fun and so not planned. That was the best part! We had to take a chance when we could because cars were parked all crazy and in the way so we had to find stops with less cars in the way and people so we could enjoy it. We started driving down the coast got out and hit a few trails, beaches, and just took hella pics by where we parked. It was sooo many destiantions. Kris got a new lens for his camera so we thought we were photographers right along with everyone else out there.  This trip was one of the best as far a hikes and adventures with my love. I was in pure awe of the view. And the fact that we just did everything on a wimb and together made it extra special. You can tell from the pure joy on my face that I was where I needed to be that day. Totally at peace and having way too much fun. No turn up, no party, not a lot of people. Just me, Kris, Honey, and the views.

Returing home we decided to go to the Pacific Commons in Fremont to one of our favorite restaraunts Boneheads. It is so good. I wonder if people really go there. But since I was chomping down on fruit cruisin down the coast, I wanted something light and grilled. So fish was definitely on my mind. I couldn’t decide on Mahi Mahi or Salmon and it really took a few minutes to figure out. But I decided on Salmon, seasoned rice, and broccoli. It was soooo good! And the sauces that they have. Omg ya’ll DELICIOUS! Kris and I packed a few to go. (he panned fried fish with it today and it was BOOOMMMMBBBBB!) He had gotten some fried shrimp with this delicious sauce, seasoned fries, and rice.  Of course I had enough to take home. We were about to continue home until I saw a wine place called Total Wine. Went inside and fell in LOOOVVEEE! Bevmo and Costco totally went out the window. They had everything and the prices  were everything.  Haven’t been disappointed yet. Kris and I continued home and enjoyed our adventure of CRUSIN DOWN THE COAST on tv. Technology really comes in handy! Great home movie moment. I can’t wait for what’s next !

Some of the hundreds of photos we took

























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