Views From Niagara Falls

Over MLK weekend I finally checked another destination on my travel bucket list. I took a lovely adventure to Niagara Falls, NY and Niagara Falls, Canada with my dad for his birthday. Well I invited myself, because he planned a solo trip. My Dad was not about to be going somewhere I’ve been wanting to go. It was the most memorizing scenery and the coldest weather I have ever experienced. Freezing my tail off was worth it all in the end!

I was so happy that I didn’t spend a lot of money on gear for the trip. Luckily, I had my snow clothes from my trip to Lake Tahoe last year and they were still in good condition. Dick’s Sporting Goods had the majority of my necessities. There was a specific look I was going for and they came through. Walmart and Shoe Palace held it down too. From Dick’s, I got some snow overalls. My short petite self can fit in the kid’s section so I bought a Large and was in the game. It fit so cute! I was so excited that my look was already coming together. That was the main ingredient. It was only $39.99 ! I’m always looking for a bargain and that was the jackpot ! I spent more on accessories. I purchased a beanie, scarf and scarf. It came out to be more than my snow suit. I bought a pair of Adidas from Shoe Palace and thermal shirts from Walmart in the men’s section. They never have what I want or need in the girl’s or women’s section. The goal was to not spend over $200 and I achieved that.

I flew out of Oakland to Buffalo and met my dad at the airport.

That town is so small. There is nothing out there but Niagara Falls and the Niagara University. The first day we checked in and the concierge hooked us up! I was so happy a black man was there holding it down. He gave us 2 breakfast tickets (one complimentary) and 5 drink tickets (2 complimentary). I started calling him fam. My dad and I had the biggest smile on our face. Like yasssss ! This is a welcome. His hospitality was great ! It set the tone for the remainder of the trip. We checked in our rooms and cleaned up for dinner. There was a Fridays in our hotel so that that was convenient for us to eat. After dinner we went back to our rooms and rested for a second and took a night walk in the snow. It was so freaking cold !!!! We had to test out the night time ready to see what we were getting into and if our clothes were good to go. “We was in the game ! ” as my dad would say. Everything worked out perfect.

We woke up for breakfast the next morning and ate the buffet at Fridays. They had everything you could possibly think of. Some things were a little to salty for me to handle. I’ve been trying to cut back and I’ve been using organic unsalted seasoning on my food for a while. So when I tasted the sausages and potatoes I almost died. It was so salty. My dad doesn’t eat salt either so I had to warn him before he dived it. After breakfast we let our food digest and got dressed to make our way to the USA side of Niagara Falls.

Our hotel was right around the corner from the falls. It was a 7 minute walk around the corner. We were so happy about it too. The view was so pretty. From all different angles and locations that you could see it from. I took a picture everywhere. Looking like real life tourists and I did not care. It was so breath taking. So much snow yet so much water flowing. My dad and I walked around the park taking pictures from all of the attractions. You really risked getting frost bite taking pictures though and people did not care. You had to get that shot. We then hit the gift shop for souvenirs. We take souvenirs so seriously. You have to get all the trinkets, it’s the law for travel. We rested for about 2 hours and took a cab to this historical power plant that my dad really wanted to see. It was pretty cool. I love any opportunity to learn. For dinner we ordered pizza and rested for the next day in Canada.

It was our last day and finally I was able to stand in Canadian soil. I picked a few attractions that I wanted to do and pretty much planned the itinerary. We drove across Rainbow Bridge and entered Canada. I saw the Canadian flag and “Welcome to Ontario” sign and was juiced. The first stop was at the Niagara Sky Wheel. It’s a ferris wheel and from it you can see the falls. The views were crazy ! I couldn’t believe my eyes ! It was an 11 minute ride so you can view the falls from many angles. Definitely one of the best sights I’ve ever seen.

I wanted to check out how Canadian shopping was so we arranged a trip to an outlet about 20 minutes from the Sky Wheel. They had the majority of the same stores we did but I was in Canada so it was a big deal LOL. My dad bought me a few things from Forever 21 and we strolled for about 20 more minutes until our cab came back.

Dinner was next on our agenda at the Skylon Tower.It was a tower that spins around very slowly and you get views of the falls and the rest of the city life.

The restaurant was very nice and dinner tasted flavorful. My dad and I both ate a delicious salmon with rice and veggies. After dinner we went to the observatory and took pictures with the view in the background.

It was worth every cold bone in my body ! Glad I can finally cross Niagara Falls off of my bucket list. Now to plan an entire Canadian vacation is next up ūüôā


Nature: For the Mind, Body, and Soul

I’ve been craving to be around nature for the entire summer. My schedule would barely allow it though. I have been so busy this summer with traveling, working, and being a businesswoman. Every week I would tell my boyfriend we need to go on a hike, to the water or something. But our schedules would not allow it. Hell, I barely seen the young lad all summer due to our hectic schedules. But this weekend made up for everything. I got everything I’ve been longing for in the last 3 months, all in one weekend.

My boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to Monterey. Pure relaxation. All we wanted was to take a bomb shower/bath and go by the water. That was the premise of our trip. But it turned into something so much more. Just being by ocean water felt amazing. Inhaling and exhaling the crisp air was just what I needed to clear my mind. We got a room at the Hamptons which was nice. It had a gym so my boyfriend was juiced about that as well as a pool and Jacuzzi. Our room was the perfect size for us. It had a desk area so I was able to get my homework done and study, I was thrilled about that. I knocked out my homework right when we arrived so I could enjoy the rest of my weekend.

The bath I took though, OMG! Steamy bath while playing my “Ginuwine” Pandora and just relaxing. Then I took a shower with the extra shower head. That put the icing on the cake right there !!! I felt so relaxed with no care in the world. My body felt like it was literally on cloud 9. It just a good feeling being in a quiet area. Ya’ll know I still live in a loud area. So I was soaking in all of the quietness and relaxation.

Me and my boyfriend are foodies so we take TIME finding out what we eat anywhere we go. We like to make sure we get the bang for our buck. We dined at this family owned Italian restaurant named Gino’s. The reviews were really good so we decided to give it a try. And boy am I glad we did! That food was soooo bomb ! I had a delicious pasta dish and my boyfriend had a salmon dish. Both dishes were out of this world good. You know the food is good when you keep bringing up what’s good about it during the whole trip. Their salad was delicious as well. Their in house Italian dressing was to die for ! I licked my salad bowl clean.

Check out was at 12 the next morning. So my boyfriend woke up early as hell and went to the gym. He came back with breakfast from downstairs at the hotel. I woke up to freshly made waffles and cranberry juice. I was in heaven ! After breakfast we started packing up and getting dressed so we can head out. I told him we were not leaving until I get to some water. He made it happen for me because, yea I’m spoiled. I knew he wanted to go home, but nah. I was going to the water. I needed to make my trip complete. Plus being around nature puts me at ease. On the way home we stopped in Santa Cruz at this beach we visited a few months ago. It had some secluded areas I knew he would like. We found a little cove in the corner, sat our beach chairs up, and enjoyed the breeze. We played in the water and sand like some kids. It was so fun. I did yoga on the beach, just to ease my mind, body , and soul. I knew I had a very busy week coming up so I wanted to take advantage of where I was to get mentally prepared. When I tell you it was the most peaceful trip ever, I’m not lying. We ended our trip stopping at one of our favorite Thai places and dined in before we hit the road. That really put the icing on the cake.

As has been noted, this weekend was needed for me. For one, I haven’t spent actual time with my boyfriend in months. We see each other in passing so this weekend meant everything to me. I was finally able to take a bath, sleep in, and go by the water. I even squeezed in a little hike while getting to our beach location. I couldn’t ask for more. The peace and quiet was everything ! I can honestly say I am ready for this upcoming week of busy-ness. If you are ever feeling like blah and need a little pick me up, take a little over night trip to somewhere with nature and just breathe. Eat some delicious food and sleep in. Guarantee you will back at 100 and ready to take on the world. Like I am feeling right now !!! ūüôā

After Hours

According to Google,

After Hours is defined as “after normal working or opening hours, typically those of bars and nightclubs.”¬†¬†¬†¬†

I feel that this definition fits, but I feel that there are so many levels to after hours. My mind wonders a lot so bare with me, if possible.

High school after hours for me back in the day meant after the party we go chill at someone’s house. Whether it be the a girlfriends house, friend of a friend you met that night, your “bro”, whomever. My home girls and I were a party within it self with just conversations and laughs. No matter which one¬†I rolled with it was always jokes, singing, dancing, just good vibes and good times.¬†New people we¬†met automatically f****d with¬†us. And the thing were, we¬†were really just being us.

College days after hours¬†¬†were a must in certain situations. If one of the missions was a bust, and you still trying to turn up, because you still looked cute and didn’t want to waste a good outfit or makeup. Many of us didn’t go out like that because, well you know it’s college. You want to catch up on as much homework, and squeeze in as many naps as you can any given time. Or maybe that was just me LOL. I’m just saying. You always need a back up plan for burnt missions. Or if you just don’t want to go home and continue to TU because¬†you’re still hype then yasss !!! It was lit.¬†That was the life. Then when your home girl got a little boo thang in the city we were partying in and he called the homies, baby kickbacks were formed. Random hours of the night. I freaking loved it! That good ol¬†spontaneous fun. I guess not much has changed since high school huh.

Now, I’m a little older and my life has changed a lot since my high school and college days, of course. I couldn’t do¬†any type of after hour nothing today. I¬†work so much I’m tired at 5:00pm. On a weekend, my legs start giving out at like¬†10pm. I be dying.¬†¬†It’s all bad.¬†Now that I’m 25, ya’ll know what my after hours consist of? Being creative and overthinking. My mind consistently¬†moves nonstop¬†in so many directions. One minute I’m thinking of a design for Eccentric Vibes, but then I quickly move to a game I want to remix to play with elementary kids for the I.M.A.N.I. Project. 2 seconds later an event idea pops in my head. Then I’d construct an entire history project in my head in less than 10 seconds. It’s crazy! But that’s how my mind works and what my after hours consist of now. I stay up because I can’t stop the ideas from forming all over my head.¬†Sometimes I¬†even get a headache and can’t stand when it happens. But then again, I am so thankful. When my mind runs rapid, I act on the ideas. I usually grab my phone, if it’s not dead, or a sticky note or notepad. I always have¬†something to write with near me. I¬†let my phone just die. Nobody hits me up anyway LOL. I’m okay with it though, foreal.

I¬†put on my music to calm my brain down a bit (my playlist go crazy plus I think of random at songs to fit a certain mood. Kris calls me a mood jukebox. I’ll play a song that fits with literally¬†whatever we are doing. It could be a song you know, never heard of, or haven’t heard in forever. You’d love me.) then I jot down what I have come up with so I can remember.¬†I just like to have things ready on demand. You never know who you meet. This is how I started The I.M.A.N.I. Project by the way. My After hours, thinking about how was I going to become an independent contractor. I wrote everything down, took what I wrote down and turned it into a portfolio, which is now a website. Potentially becoming so much more. As I listen to this After Hours Album by Mack Wilds, (ya’ll sleep) it inspired me to write how my definition of after hours has changed.

I would now¬†define¬†my After Hoursafter normal working hours, working on¬†YOUR dreams.”



My Travel Bucket List

It’s getting close to my summer vacation. Exactly 2 days away ! I am so juiced! I have been working so hard on numerous things. I’ll catch you guys up btw. I know it’s been a long time. Anywho… I will be taking a trip to the Cayman Islands with my dad and sister. We have decided to take a yearly summer vacation from now on. So here is my travel bucket list so far. It’s so many places I want to go. This can help with planning future vacations as well. My dad likes to plan ahead ūüôā

  1. Africa (any country I can get to)
  2. Canada
  3. Brazil
  4. India
  5. Belize
  6. Cuba
  7. Greece
  8. Italy
  9. France
  10. All Caribbean Islands (working on #3 )

There are many other places I would like to visit. But these are my top destinations I am trying to get to. I have some traveling to do within the states. But as far as going out of the country, these are my top choices.

Have you ever been to any of these places? If so tell me about your experiences !

5 ways to Survive “Taking a Break” From Your Significant Other

I was never for “taking a break” when it comes to relationships. My mindset used to go straight to Image may contain: 1 person, textLike what do you need a break for? A break means a BREAK UP to me. Do you homie !¬†Until I realized, there are people that consume themselves in their relationships and when everything in their world is falling apart, they need to let go of a few things for a little bit. Take a breather and really figure out what if the relationship is really what they want to pursue. Yup! It doesn’t matter if you are together for¬†4 months or 4 years. We are really getting older man. It’s really time to make those life decisions. And sometimes when life just continues to slap you in the face, there is never nothing wrong with taking a step back to self reflect.

If you are, ever was, or open to taking a break if you’re significant suggests doing so… here are¬†5 ways to survive it.

  1. Get clarification on what the break is for, how long, and the rules. You want to give your partner space, but not enough space to start getting it poppin with someone else. So trust, compromising, and communication is definitely a needed components in the relationship to have understanding of what the break consists of.

2. Keep Busy !

Start a business. Rearrange your apartment. Go through your closet and get rid of old clothes. Hang out with your friends you don’t get to see regularly. Hit the gym. Try out some new recipes. Experiment with DIY projects. Read a book. Write an Ebook. Making money, having fun, and just doing things for you and only you is a rewarding feeling. And let’s face it, when is the last time you had time for yourself?

3. Talk to your family and close friends. If you are giving your significant other a little breathing room, you are going to want to feel that void of talking to someone. Why not use this time to check on your people catch up with them. Get those relationships back that were slowly deteriorating due to adulating.

4. Travel ! Go on a trip with your friends or family. Hell, go on a trip yourself! If you don’t mind your own company lol. Small trips to ease your mind, body and soul. It doesn’t have to be far. Go to a new state or travel a few hours outside of your residence. Seeing new places and enjoying new experiences will have you feeling right on your break.

5. Take the time to reflect on yourself and¬†relationship. Think of those things you really want to change in your relationship to make it better. Think of how you can be a better partner for your significant other. If things were left on bad terms before the break up, think of life without your partner and the steps you need to take to¬†move on from the¬†relationship.¬†Sometimes we don’t want to think of the worst, but it’s healthy to have an escape plan just in case. Got to protect your heart. In this case, hoping for the best but prepared for the worst outcome. Stay ready.

All in all depending on¬†the circumstances of your relationship, taking a break can be a good or bad thing. It is all in how you choose to deal. You can totally have an optimistic outlook on if the relationship succeeds or not. Or you can mope. Don’t mope ya’ll. Who knows, you’re partner could be planning a proposal. So take time¬† to think …as a couple what can make the relationship last or what do¬†ya’ll need to work on to make sure it does. We get so blinded by love we don’t take the time to really assess the relationship. Likes and¬†don’t likes, how to keep the spice going, the future, etc. Whatever is lacking in your relationship think of ways to express that to your significant other. This is that time.

Good Luck Love birds.


10 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

  1. The thought of going to work everyday makes you annoyed:¬† Can’t sleep at night because you are dreading going to work the next day.
  2. You simply stop caring:  About being on time, the people, the work, etc
  3. You don’t admire or look up to the people above you:¬† No mentoring because your “superiors” don’t know what they’re doing or you simply don’t like their style of “leadership.”
  4. You have reached your learning limit:¬† You’ve exceeded all expectations and knowledge ¬†for your job that you don’t find it challenging or fun anymore. No more opportunities for growth.
  5. Feeling undervalued:¬† Going above and beyond for your place of employment but co workers or bosses throw you under the bus, don’t appreciate your work, or even say please and thank you. You aren’t being compensated fairly¬†for the amount and quality of your work.
  6. Your financial situation weighs heavy on your mind:¬† Your job or jobs¬†¬†aren’t paying enough to support your lifestyle to the point you go in depression just thinking about it.
  7. Asking yourself “is this job worth it?” :¬† Sanity, health, having a life, commute too far, etc.
  8. Work environment is filled with negative vibes:¬† People being fake, bad attitudes, you have to pick up other’s slack, lies, deceit, manipulation, sexism, etc)
  9. All you do is talk about work:¬† How much you don’t like it, what you could be doing instead, how much the people and environment frustrates you)
  10. Your body is telling you NO:¬† You’ve reached the point that you feel your job taking a toll¬†over your entire mind, body, and soul… it’s time to leave

I have quit enough jobs to know the signs. And the reason I made this list was because I know a lot of people could relate. I am currently thinking about transitioning out of my¬†profession due to these signs. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Try something new! I know financial reasons can play a large part in parting ways from your job but if you can land something or you are ready to chase your dreams… Do it! Whatever makes you happy to get out of the bed every morning ūüôā

2k17 Beautiful Beginnings

Hello beautiful Souls!

Happy New Year!!!

It has been a very long time since I have blogged. Please excuse my absence. But I have been busy out of this world, since like Thanksgiving Break LOL. The holidays were awesome sauce. Saw my family and spent time in the 909 then flew right back to the Bay for New Years to be with my love. Those two weeks were much needed. I was able to relax, work on my businesses, have some fun, and of course lose a lot of sleep. (Thanks Josiah Turtle)¬†¬†It always happens. I’m used to it now. Now I am settled back into work, and it’s hella busy. Surprisingly, I haven’t been complaining about my job. Go me !! Progress ya’ll. PROGRESS!¬†2k17 has been looking¬†up already.

What I have really been up to these days is working on my businesses. I know I say that a lot but that is what I really do when I have down time. I make sure that when I come home from work I spend an hour or more on one of my businesses. Whether that’s doing research, writing¬†a lesson plan, organizing my ideas for a product, etc. I make sure I make time throughout the week to make my dreams come true. Plus I have too many ideas not to work on something. I have so many things in the works! Many people are asking me what’s up with my online store. To be honest, The I.M.A.N.I. Project has been taking off. A lot of organization, getting new clients, trying to promote, and so much more… I have been doing small pop up shops for my friends. Slowly but surely I am revamping Eccentric Vibes so I want it to be how I want it, on my own time. The entire idea behind it was for me to create clothes that I want to wear. I just so happen to sell some of my items in the process. Because people ask me how and when do I shop. It’s hard to explain so I sell clothes that are a reflection of my style. Be patient COOL KIDS, I have some dope stuff coming.

I want to have a social life again. I am such a workaholic, I skip out on fun. There have been a few times I have went out on my break and I enjoyed myself. I just like to get¬†dressed and be around great vibes.¬†¬†Clubbing isn’t really my thing anymore. I am totally over it. But I do like to¬†attend events. My email is full of invites to all different types of parties, movie showings, art galleries, etc. I never have no one to go with. I know I say I like to rock solo, which I do because I hate waiting on people to make a decision on if they want to join me on my adventures or not. But I wouldn’t mind an amiga to join me once in a while. I have met some new people that I have been getting to know. We have made plans to hang out and I am so excited about that. They are in the same predicament I am in. They want to go to different types of events but they have any one to go with. So we are looking into outings to make an appearance at. Can’t wait¬†to vibe out!

So far 2k17 has been going good. I am learning to be more patient and remain calm in situations. By doing so, my anxiety has been nonexistent. (whoop whoop !) These are some of my goals for the New Year. I hope that my readers have set some for themselves ūüôā

Start my own dance classes (New Contract at Green Leaf K-8 !)

New clients for the I.M.A.N.I. Project

Re-launch Eccentric Vibes

Travel to the East Coast

Go to open mic nights, art shows, concerts, plays

Host my own event

Take my students on a field trip

Start saving money again

Read more books

Community Service

Start looking into getting an office

Start looking into moving into a new place

Cook for Kris (I don’t cook for the master chef. I supply food lol)

Go on more hikes

Try not to be on social media so much

Drink more water

Ride my bike

Be more organized

Take a fitness class

Not complain about work

Be optimistic and spontaneous (I’m young still man. Just figuring out life)

If I knock out a few of these, that’s great progress. I’m just happy to be alive, doing what I love, and want the people who support me to stay around. This year is all about organization, all money in, and having fun. Now Let’s Get It!










I’ve Had the Answer All Along

By now, my lovely readers should know that I cause my own stress and anxiety by putting too much on my plate or overthinking and analyzing situations that I usually have no control over. Mainly speaking about my future. Well, I am here to share with you that I have finally got my life together and figured some things out that have been taking control over my everyday life.¬†I have been stressing myself out trying to find a new job, move, getting organized for my businesses, trying to get new clients, etc. Not for once did I stop and think that, things will happen on it’s own time. I said screw that shit! I am going to figure things out once and for all so I can live my life, taking things on day by day.

When it comes to work, I still work part time and commute like a crazy person. That is truly how dedicated to my students I am. After really considering my sanity of commuting and struggling to pay my bills, I started applying for different kinds of jobs. My goal is to find a 7am-3pm job working in my field of social work with not a long ass commute. Unless the money is worth it (Ha! we will see) That way from 3:30-6:00pm I could contract at different after school programs. I can build relationships with extended day and after school programs to get into the regular school day and implement the IP full time. But first, this job has got to go. Possibly see what other options I have. Or maybe I will stay the remainder of the school year. We will see. I have a few interviews lined up just in case.

I have been looking for little side hustles here and there just so I can save money. Yeah I have enough money for bills, but I am not just supposed to be on this planet to pay bills and die. I Refuse ! That is why I work like a Jamaican now. I Need Money! LOL. But no foreal, I have been wasting my time looking for bullshit side hustles that’s going to waste more money on gas than what I would be making. So… if it’s not a contract for my business, I am not taking it. If the side hustle doesn’t put any type of bulge in my pocket, I am not taking it. Being a workaholic, it was really hard for me to come to terms with this, but no more! I just need to find a full time or second part time job that ensures me enough money for my savings and benefits. I am getting older, these little part time jobs and holding a BA in Social Work is not cutting it. Time to really grind!

Luckily, I have been networking like mad woman! Handing out business cards, asking people I work with questions on how to advance my career. Long and behold… the answer to all of my issues is that I NEED TO GET BACK IN SCHOOL! There are so many programs that I can get into to advance my career and put some money back in my pocket. You are probably wondering… ” How is she trying to go back to school and she has no type of income and trying to run businesses?” Well my friends, in order to make money, you have to lose money. And I have been out of school for a year to see that getting into some programs can make me not break me. I would rather be in the hole a few thousand dollars so I have the chance of getting a better job and bettering myself in my field of work. Knowledge is Freedom! Education is Freedom! And right now I feel like a slave to the institution. Like it’s literally beating my ass. So I am going to fight back! I have devised an entire new Master Plan and so far it is working. I cannot wait for you all to take this journey with me. I have so many things up my sleeve it’s ridiculous. But it is all beneficial in the long run.

Watch Me Work !

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Thanksgiving Break Chronicles: Day 6 &7

The last few days of my Thanksgiving break were cool. The only thing that would have made it better was QUALITY SLEEP!

If you have been keeping up with my blogs, you should know how much I value sleep. Well, since I live next to a bar and have a snoring bear for a boyfriend, it’s hard to get sleep. Hence…. my last 2 days of my break. I pretty much mentally prepared myself to go back to work all weekend. My line of work takes a lot out of me on a daily basis. I already knew what battles I might be facing when going back. So I counted on a a weekend’s good sleep. Sadly, that did not happen. When the bar next door closed at 1:30am, they decided to do construction until 6:00am or later in the morning. Mind you, I live right on top of the bar. My apartment complex has very thin walls. I’m telling you, I could hear a phone conversation perfectly down the hall it’s ridiculous. I tried to fall asleep for hours but all I kept hearing was pounding and drilling through my walls. I got fed up! I was so sleepy y’all I was about to cry. I found out they were doing construction and wouldn’t be complete until 6ish in the morning because I stormed downstairs to the bar in my robe and everything! Looking all types of Granny and I did not care! I thought by them already closing the bar at 1:30am ¬†is already enough noise, they want to add construction all night to the mix. I started crying because I was so sleepy. I’m such a baby sometimes. But I lack so much sleep, I don’t even know how I am alive right now.

Pray for me ya’ll. First week back to working being sick and having no sleep is causing me to be on edge. Again, this is why self care is so important!


What makes this sign happy: Not doing anything the entire day except for sleeping and eating. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs:


Thanksgiving Break Chronicles: Day 3, 4, & 5

Day 3

Hello Beautiful Souls!

This week has been going by so fast and I am not feeling that. This means in just a few days I have to return back to work. I am so over the commute. Anywho, Day 3 of my Thanksgiving Break was very relaxing. I am so proud of myself for not burying myself in work or running many errands. Somehow I always find a way to make myself busy…certainly not this break. I did some housework while jamming out to Pandora on the Roku. Dom Kennedy, Pretty Ricky, and Erykah Badu stations are my fave when cleaning. I did a¬†quick pop up shop for a friend and sold a few items from Eccentric Vibes. It’s still in the works guys. SORRY FOR THE WAIT! But life is expensive. I can only do so much at a time. Plus, its just a hobby for me. Nothing I want to be major. I feel like I have a dope and unique style. I just want to share that with the world. IS THAT OKAY?

Later in the afternoon, my boyfriend and I went to Home Depot to pick up PVC piping. I have been wanting¬†to make a diy photo backdrop. Ohhh yeah! Photo shoots poppin! I have been smiling ever since! So, I am a Pinterest fanatic! No! Seriously! I scroll on Pinterest for hours looking at so many DIY projects, memes, photos, ideas, etc. On the many hours of Pinterest surfing that I do, I came across an easy DIY Photo Backdrop idea.For one, I love to take pics. This means awesome fashion pics for Eccentric Vibes ūüôā Second, I feel like I should have my own private photographer that follows me all day when I have on a dope outfit on. But that’s not a reality at the moment. So this is the next best thing. Just setting up my tripod, putting the pipes together, and it’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! I am excited to test it out. We shall see how that goes. ūüôā

Day 4

Happy Thanksgiving or Native American Genocide Day,

Whatever you want to call it, it was just another day for me. I just find it funny that the African American Community pertains to be “woke” 363 days out of the year but Thanksgiving and Christmas people continue to feed into the American Consumerism, made up Biblical references that people still cannot commit an actual reasoning of celebration, plus the¬†mass genocide of indigenous peoples who are fighting to have a clean source of water. It certainly baffles me. But something I am so proud of myself for doing was not going all the way up¬†on social media about my thoughts. I’ve said enough¬†over the years over the topics of¬†major holidays. But¬†again, I like to¬†bake¬†treats and eat candy on Halloween. Does¬†that make me a hypocrite? I don’t know the¬†answer to that. Maybe someone could tell me.¬†This¬†time around, I posted a tweet or two and went on about my day.¬†Maybe even¬†one Facebook post. But not a Kanye rant. Sometimes¬†I can really take it there. (Praying for BaeūüôŹūüŹĺ)

Just chilling in my Princess Pad watching TV. All I do is watch Tv and listen to music at home because it’s so therapeutic for me. There are a few projects I’ve been wanting to try out so I made that a task for the day. I tried to needle and stich a jean jacket with fabric on the back. It didn’t come out to shabby being my first time. Later I went to my boyfriend’s house and visited his family. I haven’t seen them in a while. I like the fact it wasn’t a traditional Thanksgiving. His entire family can cook, including his little sisters. They all made their own meat (fish, fried chicken, steak) to go with the side dishes (stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, stuffing, & macaroni). We were there for about 2 hours and went home. My love had work the next morning. All in all, I definitely enjoyed my day.

Day 5

I’m sure all of you are stuffing your faces with leftovers from Thanksgiving. I could sure go for some apple pie right now. Yuuum!

Today was a very chill day. My boyfriend came over after he got off work¬†and we watched sports and relaxed. He was helping me come up with ideas for Eccentric Vibes. I love when he gets involved. It’s so cute. By mid afternoon he had left. I decided to watch movies¬†on TV¬†(Lottery Ticket, Barbershop 2, & Friday After Next) It wasn’t that bad of a lineup to where I had to turn on my Roku. Into Friday After Next I started falling asleep. I woke up 3 hours later and realized I had taken a nap. I was so happy! I haven’t taken a nap in so long. There is constant noise going on where I live. Waking up at 6:45 every morning to construction being done in one of the apartments. The loud crash of glass bottles being thrown in the trashcan from the bar next door early in the morning. Or the loud couple that argues every morning and night about absolutely nothing! It’s so petty and loud. I am a very light sleeper and living under these conditions can drive you insane. As you can see, that nap meant everything to me and more.

This break is going by so fast and I am so sad. But I a glad that I have been taking the time out to really relax. Now, I need to spend time thinking about the next steps in my career and in life. I need a quick road trip to clear my head ASAP. So many decisions to be made.

Send some positive vibes my way. I can totally use them right now.