Labor Day Weekend Fashion


Fashion. Fun. Friends.

Awww guys guess what? I have been out on the town these days. Okay, so only like 3 days. But that is a start. I have hit a few events in Oakland with my friends. Went to a series premier, a turn up, studio session, and a BBQ. I can definitely say I am trying to end my summer with a bang before it’s time to go back to work. Or at least get back out there and enjoy where I live. Hell, it’s expensive enough to live in the Bay. Might as well hit up a few events, do some networking, support my beautiful black people, and look good while doing it!

IMG_20160812_102100.jpgThurday’s look for the You Had Me At Black; Clouds Series Premier and for Trap Soul Thursdays.


Made this shirt about 2 years ago. Now the bleach look is back and ppl are selling these shirts like crazy! I’ll be making a few more myself and selling them on my website.


This was the look for my first time going to the studio on Saturday. And with all the people I know that do music, I was long overdue for a studio session. Had a blast !! I bleached dyed the Tupac Shirt. I fabric wrapped my bangles. My fishnets ripped over time, but I love the torn look! Similar items will be available on my website!


Yesterday’s look supporting The Black Neighborhood’s first annual BBQ. Definitely was dope to come and support young black people who are trying to make a difference in the community. Of course I had to represent my business as well by wearing my kente sleeve tee and diy kente hair bow. Networking was awesome and all around good vibes.

Last Weekend’s Fashion

Last weekend was so fun! My girls from Rialto came out here and we had a blast. Then I went to finally see Musiq Soulchild in Concert. Lastly I flew back home for my God Sister’s wedding and to do my first photoshoot for my online store. Now ya’ll know by now that I consider myself a fashionista. I kept it fly the entire weekend with all of my wardrobe changes. Everyday a different look, and eccentric if I do say so myself.

When my girls came to visit, I kept it retro and comfortable.

-Olive Green and Maroon Floral Blazer (Thrift Store $7.00)

-Black Halter Top (Factory2u $1.00)

-Olive Green Leggings (Forever 21 $2.50)

I went to the Musiq Soulchild concert the same night. He was sooo amazing! I literally have been waiting years for that moment. His adlibs and runs give me so much life. I got many compliments on my outfit too. So you know I had a good night.

-Dashiki (Eccentric Vibes)

-Fishnets (DD’s $2.49)

-Belt Thrift Store (.$50)

-Hat (H&M $9.99)

I hopped off the plane Saturday morning and hit Downtown LA before my God Sis’ wedding. Thinking we were going to be late, my mom and I hurried back home to get dressed. We rushed and got dressed and definitely made it on time. The wedding was soo nice. The decorations, theme, and good vibes is what really made it a beautiful evening. Now the wedding was in Temecula and thank God since it was supposed to start at 5:00pm, it cooled off just in time for the wedding to start at 6:00 LOL.I was scared because the dress I chose to wear the fabric was thick. Everything ended up working out perfectly.

-Black and Whit Dress (DD’s $7.99)
-Black Heels (DD’s 19.99)

I did my first photoshoot for my online boutique with one of my childhood friends. Like this girl has known me since I was 2 years old. I told her I was going to be in town for the weekend and asked if she could squeeze me in for a photoshoot. She did! It went amazing! The vibes were so good. I was nervous at first and then when her playlist was on…I was like okay, I can do this. Playing all of my jams though! I really let loose and began to have a ball. I cannot wait to put them on my website. She is an amazing photographer. #CapturedMomentsByCharli Book a session! Her rates are to die for.

The 3 looks I chose:-Dashiki (Eccentric Vibes)

1.-Dashiki (Eccentric Vibes)

-Booties (DD’s $11.99)

-Hat (H&M $9.99)

-Necklace (Eccentric Vibes)

-Sunglasses (Flea Market $5.00)

2. Dress (Forever 21 $21.99)

-Blazer- (Forever 21 $9.99)

-Shoes (DSW $24.99)

3. -Shirt (Eccentric Vibes)
-Shorts (H&M $5.00)

-Booties  (DD’s $11.99)

-Necklace (Flea Market $10.00)

-Sunglasses (Flea Market $5.00)

 Ballin on a budget… that’s what I do !


Create your own style

The summertime always makes me want to try out new diy projects. Maybe it’s the bright colors that are in season. I just want to wear nothing but bright colors. I love to wear cute dresses and bright tank tops. But I never have any accessories!!! And I mean never ! How can you be a fashionista with no accessories? Some nerve I have.

Kris did buy me my first items of real jewelry. A gold Africa pendant necklace and gold feather studs. So now I rock those everyday. But I still need a pop of color. I have to Eccentrify just a little bit more. I can never committ to buying jewelry though. So I’ve decided to take on the challenge of creating my own. Yup ! I’m going to d.i.y. jewelry.

I always spend countless hours on Pinterest. That is literally my favorite app. I use it for everything. I get so inspired from pinterest. I look up d.i.y. projects to try and save some that I know would come in handy. My pinterest boards are life !! And jewelry is the main diy projects that interest me. The creativity that people have… it’s so dope ! Thank God for tutorials. But I wanted to take it a little old school before we had YouTube and pinterest to teach us everything. I went to the San Lorenzo Library and picked up a jewelry making book. Hey! When is was the last time you used your local library? (Free education) That’s what I tell my kids I work with. Use those resources ! And I did. I am so excited to crack the book open and try some of the projects.

I’ll show you what I come up with 👌


Some of my pinterest inspiration 🤗


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Mint Condition Concert Outfit

Here is a pic os my outfit that I wore to the Mint Condition concert at Yoshis in Oakland. I don’t remember the prices I paid for each item because these are pretty old. But I slayed!


Blazer: Forever 21
Vest: Thrift Store
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: DB Shoes

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Say it Loud! Don’t be Scurred.


A few days ago I debuted my Kente sleeve and pocket tees. I wore one of the shirts to see the reaction I get from teens. To me, if they like what you are wearing, it’s a hit. They normally like how I dress and I get compliments all of the time on my style at work. But this piece was different. As we all know there is a great awakening happening. You know “Black to Life Black to Reality” Black people are finally taking an interest into reconecting with their roots. I know yall peeped prom season and an abundance of businesses booming aimed towards the black community. For someone who was always “WOKE,” (thanks mom and dad) you know I had to say something. Although I am appreciative for black people in my generation recognizing that we are Lit, I still wonder how did this revolution begin. Did we awake when our brothers and sisters were getting killed in broad daylight by police recorded, or when our president became black? Shit, even Beyonce ass is trying to get in formation. But Who knows. All I know is that this needs to continue. For being ridiculed because I was aware of my heritage and embraced it at a young age it’s ironic to see my own people who made fun of me hop on the bandwagon.  My history is so important to me that I want to share knowledge with all of you. It just happens to be through clothes. I am really exercising my first amendment rights. As well as wearing what I would want to see in stores and not have to pay an arm and a leg for. So let’s hope this is not a trend like how all of a sudden people are liking chocolate girls again. Just stop! Let’s make it an actual lifestyle. People say they want to support black businesses, now is the opportunity. Let’s finally come together and show unity!

Thanks to those who have purchased a kente sleeve and pocket tee! Waaayyyy more designs coming 🙂
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Fly Girl Bomber Jacket


Ohhhhhhh how I love retro bomber jackets ! Heck any vintage/retro jacket. You can create such a dope look with something as plain as a black bodycon dress, or acid wash jeans and a white tee, and the jacket will pull the entire look together. When you have no party clothes but you have tons of retro jackets and blazers… you have a unique look…one that nobody can copy because you have a one of a kind piece.

You can purchase this jacket on my website as well of other similar retro/vintage selections