After Hours

According to Google,

After Hours is defined as “after normal working or opening hours, typically those of bars and nightclubs.”    

I feel that this definition fits, but I feel that there are so many levels to after hours. My mind wonders a lot so bare with me, if possible.

High school after hours for me back in the day meant after the party we go chill at someone’s house. Whether it be the a girlfriends house, friend of a friend you met that night, your “bro”, whomever. My home girls and I were a party within it self with just conversations and laughs. No matter which one I rolled with it was always jokes, singing, dancing, just good vibes and good times. New people we met automatically f****d with us. And the thing were, we were really just being us.

College days after hours  were a must in certain situations. If one of the missions was a bust, and you still trying to turn up, because you still looked cute and didn’t want to waste a good outfit or makeup. Many of us didn’t go out like that because, well you know it’s college. You want to catch up on as much homework, and squeeze in as many naps as you can any given time. Or maybe that was just me LOL. I’m just saying. You always need a back up plan for burnt missions. Or if you just don’t want to go home and continue to TU because you’re still hype then yasss !!! It was lit. That was the life. Then when your home girl got a little boo thang in the city we were partying in and he called the homies, baby kickbacks were formed. Random hours of the night. I freaking loved it! That good ol spontaneous fun. I guess not much has changed since high school huh.

Now, I’m a little older and my life has changed a lot since my high school and college days, of course. I couldn’t do any type of after hour nothing today. I work so much I’m tired at 5:00pm. On a weekend, my legs start giving out at like 10pm. I be dying.  It’s all bad. Now that I’m 25, ya’ll know what my after hours consist of? Being creative and overthinking. My mind consistently moves nonstop in so many directions. One minute I’m thinking of a design for Eccentric Vibes, but then I quickly move to a game I want to remix to play with elementary kids for the I.M.A.N.I. Project. 2 seconds later an event idea pops in my head. Then I’d construct an entire history project in my head in less than 10 seconds. It’s crazy! But that’s how my mind works and what my after hours consist of now. I stay up because I can’t stop the ideas from forming all over my head. Sometimes I even get a headache and can’t stand when it happens. But then again, I am so thankful. When my mind runs rapid, I act on the ideas. I usually grab my phone, if it’s not dead, or a sticky note or notepad. I always have something to write with near me. I let my phone just die. Nobody hits me up anyway LOL. I’m okay with it though, foreal.

I put on my music to calm my brain down a bit (my playlist go crazy plus I think of random at songs to fit a certain mood. Kris calls me a mood jukebox. I’ll play a song that fits with literally whatever we are doing. It could be a song you know, never heard of, or haven’t heard in forever. You’d love me.) then I jot down what I have come up with so I can remember. I just like to have things ready on demand. You never know who you meet. This is how I started The I.M.A.N.I. Project by the way. My After hours, thinking about how was I going to become an independent contractor. I wrote everything down, took what I wrote down and turned it into a portfolio, which is now a website. Potentially becoming so much more. As I listen to this After Hours Album by Mack Wilds, (ya’ll sleep) it inspired me to write how my definition of after hours has changed.

I would now define my After Hoursafter normal working hours, working on YOUR dreams.”




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