My Travel Bucket List

It’s getting close to my summer vacation. Exactly 2 days away ! I am so juiced! I have been working so hard on numerous things. I’ll catch you guys up btw. I know it’s been a long time. Anywho… I will be taking a trip to the Cayman Islands with my dad and sister. We have decided to take a yearly summer vacation from now on. So here is my travel bucket list so far. It’s so many places I want to go. This can help with planning future vacations as well. My dad likes to plan ahead 🙂

  1. Africa (any country I can get to)
  2. Canada
  3. Brazil
  4. India
  5. Belize
  6. Cuba
  7. Greece
  8. Italy
  9. France
  10. All Caribbean Islands (working on #3 )

There are many other places I would like to visit. But these are my top destinations I am trying to get to. I have some traveling to do within the states. But as far as going out of the country, these are my top choices.

Have you ever been to any of these places? If so tell me about your experiences !


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