Are There “Rules” To Sending Nudes?

Besides of course not showing your face because you don’t know if you’re going to be turned into a meme or land on someone’s desktop screensaver… are there really rules to sending nudes?

I feel like there is this unspoken code of knowledge around sending and receiving nudes. That till this day I still don’t understand. I feel that with social media and Instagram models taking over the world, it’s definitely seen as normal in the pop culture universe. But I remember when Aol instant messenger on the computer and sidekick we really had to do hella shit to send any pic in private. Now you can post one literally with 2 clicks of the fingertips. If you got snap, those pics disappear. Or do they ? Everyone is showing their goodies for free so there is really no mystery.  Of course are getting paid to be social media models. Selling their souls lol. Naked pics for everyone !

Aside from the world having access to sexy pics all up and through any of your social media platforms, I feel that since women have been doing this willingly, guys feel like they are ENTITLED to receive nudes. That whole…

him: send me a pic

her: you know what I look like. Go on my IG I got hella pics you can look at. Pick one.

him: a pic that’s not on social media. So I can save it to my contacts.

her: okay. (mostly means I am not gonna text you back our you getting a pic off of social media straight up)

That’s where it all begins. Yup fellas, I’m spillin yo tea. If a conversation or some type of relationship forms… he gone hit you for them nudes. That late night text after 3 weeks of “talking.” Because you know, that’s what this generation does, talk. We don’t date smh, but that question will pop up. We have got to do better ! Maybe not in the same form but he will find a crafty way to ask. Or the lady might simply volunteer. Why is this? A little peep show to see if she’s worthy of taking down huh? IDK yall. I’m not feeling this. But enlighten me. I really want to know.

Like how long before you start “talking” to someone to send them nudes?

How worthy of the recipient of the nudes is he/she to be seeing the goods? What are the requirements?

If they show the homies and you already sent one to one of the friends you are “talking” to, then what?

Do you feel that you need to seek approval from these men?

Is it a competition thing?

I constantly see guys on my twitter feed asking for nudes. Just blunt with it. DM ME NUDES. Hella retweets and comments. I know them females really be sending those pics to those guys. Why is that? Please tell me what you are getting out of it. Is it attention? And guys, why do you feel the need to just demand nudes? Like who tf are you? If you not auditioning no one for porn, what’s the deal? It’s dudes that really press the issue though on some creep shit. Newsflash… it’s not cute!

Now let’s switch gears. If in a committed relationship, are there rules to sending nudes? For me, I always thought when I got into a committed relationship you getting nudes all day everyday lol. Especially if your man makes you feel beautiful on the inside and out all the time… You are getting hooked up ! To the point I know you on your lunch break… imma send you a nude. You in a meeting… I’m sending you a nude. You with your boys…I’m sending a nude.  Lighten up the moments a bit. But what if you send a nude to your significant other and they never respond? Like ever!  Leave that ass on READ real quick. No (.) No emoji. Nothing. Just “Read” How would you feel? Then never speak on it. Like dang, no… thank you, no.. lol, no… that was not a good angle… SOMETHING. Do you not send him nudes anymore? Do you start sending them to someone else? Nahhh I’m jk but foreal. Things like that can really mess with your confidence. Make you not want to send not a damn thing. Maybe that could be a good thing. People really expose you these days. So is there really a reason yo send these pics. And here you got girls posting they bodies and busting it wide open all on social media accounts getting all the likes but bae can’t send you a thumbs up. No Bueno. Time to rethink. People are getting hacked too. It’s all bad. 

As you can see I have a lot of questions lol. That I am sure will not get answered but inquiring minds really wanted to know. Is there rules to sending nudes? And if so what are they? The whole sexting thing doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore but man when you work with hormone raging teens/adults you gotta make sure they are being safe when it comes to these kinds of things. Especially now since SEX is just everywhere.

No shade to anyone who does this. I just really want to know. Feel free to comment !



2 thoughts on “Are There “Rules” To Sending Nudes?

  1. Good blog sister ! We discussed this already but I’ll still comment lol . Sending nudes is like setting yourself up for a big ol’ box of U.O.E.N.O …u don’t know how someone will respond to it, who will share, who will use it against u , or if u can really trust that person to respect your privacy, u can never be too sure! It’s like gambling with your own pride as a woman. Once the nudes are sent, privacy gets thrown out the window & worst case scenario the whole world has access to ur privates. Also the wrong feedback or no feedback can make or break a woman. Why? because women allow it to. If you ever want to be validated or need any approval by anyone & don’t know who to go to consult God…not man. You don’t owe them that luxury. Married couples bypass this message lol they get a pass πŸ€”

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