Privatized Prison Industry and Introduction of Eccentric Vibes by Imani


The next time you are out being a careless consumer, stop to think. Do I really need a $50 shirt? Does this store have models that represent me? Are you being followed around in that store? Does this store contribute to my oppression?

Believe it or not, most of the stores we shop at contributes to the oppression our people face today, one being mass incarceration. Stores such as Victoria Secret and Banana Republic depends on prison labor for their goods. They pay the men and women working in prison pennies a day and turn around and sell us $25 pair of panties…WTF!

So-Donnisha, how does that directly contribute to MY oppression? Are you black? Are you a person of color? Well let me tell you.

It is like cybernetics. Big corporations à Politics à Legislation à Policing (especially in inner cities) à mass incarceration à cheap labor. And the…

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