10 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

  1. The thought of going to work everyday makes you annoyed:  Can’t sleep at night because you are dreading going to work the next day.
  2. You simply stop caring:  About being on time, the people, the work, etc
  3. You don’t admire or look up to the people above you:  No mentoring because your “superiors” don’t know what they’re doing or you simply don’t like their style of “leadership.”
  4. You have reached your learning limit:  You’ve exceeded all expectations and knowledge  for your job that you don’t find it challenging or fun anymore. No more opportunities for growth.
  5. Feeling undervalued:  Going above and beyond for your place of employment but co workers or bosses throw you under the bus, don’t appreciate your work, or even say please and thank you. You aren’t being compensated fairly for the amount and quality of your work.
  6. Your financial situation weighs heavy on your mind:  Your job or jobs  aren’t paying enough to support your lifestyle to the point you go in depression just thinking about it.
  7. Asking yourself “is this job worth it?” :  Sanity, health, having a life, commute too far, etc.
  8. Work environment is filled with negative vibes:  People being fake, bad attitudes, you have to pick up other’s slack, lies, deceit, manipulation, sexism, etc)
  9. All you do is talk about work:  How much you don’t like it, what you could be doing instead, how much the people and environment frustrates you)
  10. Your body is telling you NO:  You’ve reached the point that you feel your job taking a toll over your entire mind, body, and soul… it’s time to leave

I have quit enough jobs to know the signs. And the reason I made this list was because I know a lot of people could relate. I am currently thinking about transitioning out of my profession due to these signs. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Try something new! I know financial reasons can play a large part in parting ways from your job but if you can land something or you are ready to chase your dreams… Do it! Whatever makes you happy to get out of the bed every morning 🙂


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