Teacher or Tattletale

I spend a lot of time around teachers. Listening to them vent, bounce off ideas, meetings about students, etc. I know how to decipher between the teachers to build certain relationships with and the kinds to have. The education system is nothing but a chess game. Like you really have to strategize on every move, because  if you make an impulse move it can all fall down. And that can range from a very small issue to the biggest you can think of that happens on school campuses. With that being said, I am going to tell  a little bit about my day. And you decide if the main character of my story is a teacher or tattletale.

I have a caseload of students that I work with and I am finally being stern on what students I work with. I can finally be all in their business and not have to focus on the other 80 students that attend the school. Most of the time I am floating around, checking in on classes and my babies. Making sure they have pencils, see if they got any sleep the night before, hug them, and all that kind of stuff. One of my students on my caseload was good to go in his class all by himself so I checked on another student. Now I specifically go in that class because the class is difficult and the teacher has a string accent. I worry about my students tuning him out, getting frustrated, and acting up because they don’t understand what the teacher is saying. Now, he is a good teacher. But some of the students find it hard to follow because his accent is strong, he lectures for a long time, lastly they do a lot of packet and book work.

I’ve had a conversation with him a while back about putting some activities with his lessons and showing videos so the students can see and hear someone else explaining his lessons. Just as a suggestion. I’ve worked with these students for a long time and plus I know exactly what they are going through. We ALL had that one teacher with a thick accent teaching like Calculus or Physics. (If you’re reading this and attended Carter High… Mrs. Edu was too much !!!!!) So I get their frustration. But as he was trying to go over the lesson, the kids were so lost. Girls in the class were being disruptive on purpose because they could not follow along. For the students that were actually trying to obtain the information they couldn’t understand a word he was saying. Then he asked them to do part of the assignment by themselves. No guidance. He mentioned that they should know all of the material. He taught it to 9th graders before. I’m looking around like… no he didn’t say that. That’s really going to discourage them now. The work required them to look in a book or computer to get the answers. He hands them 2 different books and tells them to look in the index. They didn’t know what to look up, it was many pages on the subject, and I couldn’t even figure it out. Luckily, I walk with a chromebook for reasons like these. My initial thought was, he should have had the chromebooks on hand so the students can research online. At least as an option for those who get a little overwhelmed with 2 different books on 2 different subjects trying to fill in 1 table. The fact that the students I was sitting next to were determined to find the answers made me happy, while the other half of the class was on their phones. But that’s what happens when you don’t meet students where they are at. Instead of going along with what you think they should know. All students don’t learn the same or at the same pace.

As the students were researching the answers, I asked the teacher has he thought about doing more interactive lessons so they can learn the material better. I mentioned, some of your students might be kinesthetic learners and they probably will respond better if they saw a video, or to see how things work, drawing processes themselves, etc. He got an attitude with me y’all! Yes I should have pulled him to the side, but those kids were going through it. And if they fail the class just because they can barely understand what the teacher is saying… I will be pissed and have hella kids to advocate for. Anyway, he told me to look at the paper he was holding up and said, “what does that say?” I started dying. I said, “IDK you are their teacher, that’s your lesson, you tell me.” It was a lab. A lab that they are never going to get to do because he will not move on from the lesson until they learn the material, which they won’t because they don’t understand what the young lad is saying.-_- See this cycle? The students started giving suggestions on how they would be more successful in the class. They said, put on a video, show us a power point, have us draw something, let us come to the board and do something. They are tired of doing book work. And I don’t blame them. I showed them a video of what he was going over so they could follow. I had the video on mute and they were following along perfectly. He asked me could I stop so they could focus on him. I told him they were following video on the same things that he was teaching the class. Almost verbatim even. But I put it away so they could follow him and I apologized. They went back to listening to his “lecture” and got completely lost at that point. I took the computer and left the classroom.

I went on with my day, teaching my after school class that went awesome by the way 🙂 The principal popped in my class a couple of times to see when my class was over to meet. To myself I’m thinking “Girrrlllll we had 3 meetings today, what now?” LOL. But of course after my class I went to her office. Long and behold I see the teacher with the accent in her office as well. I already knew what was going to happen. The principal told me why she brought me in. It was because the teacher said I was causing a disruption and distraction in his room. I tried sooooooo hard not to laugh. A baby chuckle did come out, but I brought it back. The teacher put on dubs of what happened. Even told the principal I was disruptive because of the computer incident. She pointed to the assignment and noticed that the computer was apart of it. Then mentioned he should of had more available to the students so they could all have access. Point for Imani. He TRIED it when he said he had to start the lesson all the way from the beginning because I made it seem like the kids didn’t know what was going on. I chuckled again. I told the principal, they asked him to start all the way from the beginning because they realized they had know idea what the material was on and in order to do the lab they need to understand it. They want to do the lab because they are HANDS ON LEARNERS. But he wants to stick to the district ways of doing things, which I get. But come on… for the past hour a student thought the teacher was saying one term in place in another. He got so upset, he asked can he start all the way from the beginning to make sure he knows the material. That wasn’t my fault? I’m teaching the students to use their voice instead of just sitting their accepting the way they are being taught. That leaves room for failure, no marks, and academic habits. Not on my watch. I just went along with everything. I apologized for “disrupting” his class and that I would not be doing that anymore. Pretty much I am going to pull my student out of that class and we will work on her assignments, unless they have a lab. He won’t have to worry about me being in that class or giving my ideas on how he can better it. He sure wasn’t saying nothing about me managing his class because he couldn’t. Just saying. Class Management plays such a huge role in instruction. Many teachers can have all the degrees and knowledge in the world, but they need to be able to manage a class as well. So he can continue to get coached on how to manage his class and how to reach and teach his students. Because Imani will not anymore.

So is he a teacher a tattletale? Comment Below





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