MLK Service Day

Happy MLK Day!

It wasn’t just a day off for me this year. Yes I post my pic or post a tweet to pay homeage to the man who changed the lives of all Americans. The students I work with and the Leadership team I help run during Morning block at Bunche, decided to do a coat drive for the homeless. There was a class of about 10 students who come together and think of ways to enhance the school based on student voice as well as bridging the gap between the community and school. The students had many ideas on how they would execute the coat drive. All amazing ideas. If I didn’t know most of it was going to be all talk. But for the people who did show up, it was an amazing learning experience for us all.

We had been collecting donations for days to pass out to families in the community on a first come first served basis at Bunche, then set up where there was homeless populations so they could come and get coats, water and hotdogs. From the leadership class, 2 students showed up. They just so happen to be 2 of my fave gals. For the simple fact they are intelligent, love to help, and they go the extra mile to do things for other people. Another teacher joined us, as well as the Parent Liason and her colleagues who helped with the donations. I came just in time to go to the first location to set up the clothes.

We went by 6th and Castro where there is a large community of tents. No one was really in them so one of the students and teacher walked to let people know we had coats and food for them. Sparking conversation with some of the tent residents as well as looking at our surroundings, they didn’t really need any clothes. People drop clothes and food all along the streets for the homeless. What they really needed was new tarps, tents, pillows, and sleeping bags. There we go thinking we are doing service and not assessing the situation at hand. But like I said, it was a learning experience.

Our last destination was on Northgate, another heavy populated tent neighborhood. There was a sign that said “Homeless Lives Matter Too??” with hash marks of how many homeless people have passed or something. It was 62. My students were talking to the residents and listening to their stories. It was such a moving experience. And just doing what MLK would be so proud of. It was very uplifting. The residents were so happy. We were over there picking out clothes and talking about outfits. We really made their day.

There were other people around giving out food and care packages. We stopped and talked to a few people, thanking them for what they were doing. (Hey San Leandro High School!) Overall just a great day. Full of love, laughter, community service, fashion, and blessings. I am so proud of my students. These are some of the things I want to incorporate for the I.M.A.N.I. Project. So glad I can be there representing my businesses and my students at the same time. I can’t wait for Wednesday. I know my girls are going to tear their class apart for not showing up.



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