2k17 Beautiful Beginnings

Hello beautiful Souls!

Happy New Year!!!

It has been a very long time since I have blogged. Please excuse my absence. But I have been busy out of this world, since like Thanksgiving Break LOL. The holidays were awesome sauce. Saw my family and spent time in the 909 then flew right back to the Bay for New Years to be with my love. Those two weeks were much needed. I was able to relax, work on my businesses, have some fun, and of course lose a lot of sleep. (Thanks Josiah Turtle)  It always happens. I’m used to it now. Now I am settled back into work, and it’s hella busy. Surprisingly, I haven’t been complaining about my job. Go me !! Progress ya’ll. PROGRESS! 2k17 has been looking up already.

What I have really been up to these days is working on my businesses. I know I say that a lot but that is what I really do when I have down time. I make sure that when I come home from work I spend an hour or more on one of my businesses. Whether that’s doing research, writing a lesson plan, organizing my ideas for a product, etc. I make sure I make time throughout the week to make my dreams come true. Plus I have too many ideas not to work on something. I have so many things in the works! Many people are asking me what’s up with my online store. To be honest, The I.M.A.N.I. Project has been taking off. A lot of organization, getting new clients, trying to promote, and so much more… I have been doing small pop up shops for my friends. Slowly but surely I am revamping Eccentric Vibes so I want it to be how I want it, on my own time. The entire idea behind it was for me to create clothes that I want to wear. I just so happen to sell some of my items in the process. Because people ask me how and when do I shop. It’s hard to explain so I sell clothes that are a reflection of my style. Be patient COOL KIDS, I have some dope stuff coming.

I want to have a social life again. I am such a workaholic, I skip out on fun. There have been a few times I have went out on my break and I enjoyed myself. I just like to get dressed and be around great vibes.  Clubbing isn’t really my thing anymore. I am totally over it. But I do like to attend events. My email is full of invites to all different types of parties, movie showings, art galleries, etc. I never have no one to go with. I know I say I like to rock solo, which I do because I hate waiting on people to make a decision on if they want to join me on my adventures or not. But I wouldn’t mind an amiga to join me once in a while. I have met some new people that I have been getting to know. We have made plans to hang out and I am so excited about that. They are in the same predicament I am in. They want to go to different types of events but they have any one to go with. So we are looking into outings to make an appearance at. Can’t wait to vibe out!

So far 2k17 has been going good. I am learning to be more patient and remain calm in situations. By doing so, my anxiety has been nonexistent. (whoop whoop !) These are some of my goals for the New Year. I hope that my readers have set some for themselves 🙂

Start my own dance classes (New Contract at Green Leaf K-8 !)

New clients for the I.M.A.N.I. Project

Re-launch Eccentric Vibes

Travel to the East Coast

Go to open mic nights, art shows, concerts, plays

Host my own event

Take my students on a field trip

Start saving money again

Read more books

Community Service

Start looking into getting an office

Start looking into moving into a new place

Cook for Kris (I don’t cook for the master chef. I supply food lol)

Go on more hikes

Try not to be on social media so much

Drink more water

Ride my bike

Be more organized

Take a fitness class

Not complain about work

Be optimistic and spontaneous (I’m young still man. Just figuring out life)

If I knock out a few of these, that’s great progress. I’m just happy to be alive, doing what I love, and want the people who support me to stay around. This year is all about organization, all money in, and having fun. Now Let’s Get It!











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