I’ve Had the Answer All Along

By now, my lovely readers should know that I cause my own stress and anxiety by putting too much on my plate or overthinking and analyzing situations that I usually have no control over. Mainly speaking about my future. Well, I am here to share with you that I have finally got my life together and figured some things out that have been taking control over my everyday life. I have been stressing myself out trying to find a new job, move, getting organized for my businesses, trying to get new clients, etc. Not for once did I stop and think that, things will happen on it’s own time. I said screw that shit! I am going to figure things out once and for all so I can live my life, taking things on day by day.

When it comes to work, I still work part time and commute like a crazy person. That is truly how dedicated to my students I am. After really considering my sanity of commuting and struggling to pay my bills, I started applying for different kinds of jobs. My goal is to find a 7am-3pm job working in my field of social work with not a long ass commute. Unless the money is worth it (Ha! we will see) That way from 3:30-6:00pm I could contract at different after school programs. I can build relationships with extended day and after school programs to get into the regular school day and implement the IP full time. But first, this job has got to go. Possibly see what other options I have. Or maybe I will stay the remainder of the school year. We will see. I have a few interviews lined up just in case.

I have been looking for little side hustles here and there just so I can save money. Yeah I have enough money for bills, but I am not just supposed to be on this planet to pay bills and die. I Refuse ! That is why I work like a Jamaican now. I Need Money! LOL. But no foreal, I have been wasting my time looking for bullshit side hustles that’s going to waste more money on gas than what I would be making. So… if it’s not a contract for my business, I am not taking it. If the side hustle doesn’t put any type of bulge in my pocket, I am not taking it. Being a workaholic, it was really hard for me to come to terms with this, but no more! I just need to find a full time or second part time job that ensures me enough money for my savings and benefits. I am getting older, these little part time jobs and holding a BA in Social Work is not cutting it. Time to really grind!

Luckily, I have been networking like mad woman! Handing out business cards, asking people I work with questions on how to advance my career. Long and behold… the answer to all of my issues is that I NEED TO GET BACK IN SCHOOL! There are so many programs that I can get into to advance my career and put some money back in my pocket. You are probably wondering… ” How is she trying to go back to school and she has no type of income and trying to run businesses?” Well my friends, in order to make money, you have to lose money. And I have been out of school for a year to see that getting into some programs can make me not break me. I would rather be in the hole a few thousand dollars so I have the chance of getting a better job and bettering myself in my field of work. Knowledge is Freedom! Education is Freedom! And right now I feel like a slave to the institution. Like it’s literally beating my ass. So I am going to fight back! I have devised an entire new Master Plan and so far it is working. I cannot wait for you all to take this journey with me. I have so many things up my sleeve it’s ridiculous. But it is all beneficial in the long run.

Watch Me Work !

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