Thanksgiving Break Chronicles: Day 2

Hello All ! I hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving break so far!

Day 2 I had wrap my head around doing laundry. I’m going to be real with ya’ll LOL. I haven’t done laundry in weeks! I have a lot of clothes. Most of what I don’t wear until I run out of clothes due to me not doing laundry. At least I find new ways to swag out my old clothes.

Before I jet set to do laundry, I applied for a few jobs. I want to explore other career options or even go back to school. It’s time to try something new for sure. Laundry took me hours to do so in the mean time I ran a few errands. I put myself on a budget this week since I don’t have to work. When working in school districts and you are just a support staff, there are NO PAID VACATIONS. Therefore, I was not about to be frivolously spending my money knowing darn well I won’t be getting a full check until like January. (THE STRUGGLE).

I went to the grocery store and bought things to cook for dinner for the week. Pinterest really saves my life. Since I am such a picky eater, I have to look up different ways to cook the only 4 things that I eat. (chicken, beef, shrimp, & fish)I have to get creative and switch it up and of course on a budget. On my way back from the grocery store I stopped by Reality Mentor Inc in Hayward to visit Mrs. Davis, the Founder and President of the NAACP South Alameda Chapter. I used to intern and work for her, and I haven’t seen her in a while. I went to say hi and see how she was doing. As we were catching up, she gave me a few contacts to connect with. Ohh how I Love that woman. I love coming to work with her when I have free time. She’s so giving.

I went home and watched my shows on Hulu. I started organizing my calendar by entering new events I’ve been invited to or want to try to attend. (I am still working on that)

I am soo ready to network and new experiences!

Try something new! It may be scary or seem hard but this is where you will grow.  Read about my experience with trying Restorative #Yoga at



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