Top 10 Mario Songs

We ALL remember Mario right?? Well if you don’t, he stole our hearts with the song “Just A Friend” (2001) remake of rapper Biz Markie’s “Just  A Friend”(1989).  Mario, a kid from Baltimore stealing our hearts with his vocals and tight braids. If you’re not familiar with his first song that put him on the map then maybe you recall “How Do I Breathe” “Let Me Love You” or maybe you remember him as “Andre” in the movie Freedom Writers. Well, if none of this is ringing a bell, I am here to give you a TOP TEN LIST  of my favorite Mario songs. He had a good career run and many songs that I still jam to today. They just don’t make music like this anymore 😦

*In no particular order*       Image result for mario singer

  1. Braid My Hair
  2. Never
  3. Chick With Da Braids
  4. Directions
  5. Music For Love
  6. Lay In My Bed
  7. Stranded
  8. C’mon
  9. Like Me Real Hard
  10. What Your Name Is


Mario had 2001-2007 an emotional time. When “Let Me Love You Came Out” all the young lads were trying to plea their case to get a girl. The mentality really was “your boyfriend ain’t nothing, you should drop him and let me get in where I fit in.” I remember boys would sing this to girls and everything. Leaving song messages on their Razor and Chocolate cell phones. Boys knew not to call before 9:00pm. So the messages were soo adorbs. I got my fair share of music messages.  So cute! I miss those days. The time music actually said exactly how you felt at the moment but it wasn’t too disrespectful. In the early 2000s you could actually just dedicate a song to a girl or guy because that was the music being made. REAL EMOTIONS.

Stay tuned for my next Top Ten !



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