Thanksgiving Break Chronicles: Day 1

Day 1 of my break was so chill. I had planned to do so much, and didn’t end up doing most of anything. Sometimes it really is good to just relax at home, plus it just makes me feel better when I don’t have to make any obligations. True Freedom LOL just what I wanted.

It felt so good not to wake up to an alarm. But living where I do, something or someone is bound to wake me up. I was able to lay around in bed for a while. That felt so amazing and unreal. I am usually up moving at 7:00am. Making lunch, packing bags, making sure I have all important docs, etc. So to get up and be able to watch day time tv for a few minutes was so rewarding.

I finally got all the way up and talked to my boyfriend on the phone during his shift at work. He gets so happy when I don’t have to work so I can talk to him to make his day go by faster. He’s so cute LOL. As he was doing his routine, I was making a to do list…a major to do list. I cannot start my week out without a to do list. Even when I don’t have to work, no  meetings, interviews, etc, I still need to make a list of important things that need to get done. Or things I want to do. I noticed while writing my MASTER TO DO LIST, there are some things I want to put on my vision board. As my list got longer into more categories, I thought “Wow, this vision board will really put everything in perspective for me. I will be able to organize, prioritize, and balance all of my ideas and future plans) I get total anxiety when I get overwhelmed with too much on my plate. But it no one’s fault but mine because I am the one that keeps adding things to it. So to do lists help me take a step back and see what I need to do to gain my sanity. Pretty much be on top of my ISH.

Between the convos and I’ll call you backs, I shifted into working on my businesses. Doing countless hours of research online. I stay glued to my computer, it’s crazy. But in order to be successful, research is what I definitely dedicate my time to. I noticed I have freakin 4 WEBSITES. Like who am I?

The I.M.A.N.I. Project

Eccentric Vibes Blog


Eccentric Vibes Online Boutique

I spent some time reconstructing all of my websites. I had forgot all about Tumblr. Until I went to go take a peep at my page, and I did not like what I saw. So even though I haven’t been on Tumblr in months, it gave me the inspiration to spruce up my other pages. Played my Spotify Playlist and went to work. I had so much fun. Thank GOD for those old school MYSPACE days. If it wasn’t up for me spending hours making my page into a glitter graphic, music junky, scrolling selfie website, I would not have some of the mediocre knowledge about web design that I do today. So Thank you Tom! Those years of “graphic design” really paid off. I even created my own diy logo for my blog page. Now when you guys go to my Home Page, you’ll see it… So proud of myself 🙂eccentric-soul-logoI finished the day by trying some diy projects and failing at them miserably. I’m glad I do trial and error projects. There are just some things on Pinterest that I try and it does not looking like the pins. I get so frustrated. But then, I think about all of the diy projects I have on my board and just pick out the project I am going to try next time. We all can’t be good at everything. I sure am not.

Before bed I did a home workout. I have really been staying consistent in my home workouts. The kettle bell, dumb bell, and resistance band is life. Especially when your body just feels tight and aching like mine does everyday, it’s perfect. I have been doing yoga stretches in the beginning of my workout and the end right before going to bed. I sleep and feel so much better ! I want to continue this routine to see if there is a change in my sleep pattern. That is really what I working on. Sleeping well and throughout the entire night. As well as not waking up in pain every morning. That calls for a new blanket and possibly new bed. But until my funds can take care of that, fitness will have to do.

Day 1 full of peace and serenity. Self Care is so IMPORTANT.

#INTJ #Capricorn .... calm & collected in a moment of chaos will help put things into perspective more easily....:



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