Halloween 2k16

Maaaaaaaaaan have times changed when it comes to Halloween for me. I went from not being able to celebrate it to going trick or treating for the first time at 13 years old. To partying every weekend in October in college, to carving pumpkins and drinking wine with my love until we fall asleep. Usually I am going crazy over the Halloween festivities, but this year, I did some activities that didn’t consist of me paying a $20 entry fee for the club or wasting gas on a burnt mission trying to find a turn up.
This month was so full of fun and business for me, Halloween was really just a day of rest for ya girl. October was nothing but pushing The I.M.A.N.I. Project and getting established. (which I did) Then I went to Maui for a few days and came back hella broke. (much needed vacation though) The same week I came home from Maui,I went to work the next day, Six Flags on that Saturday, and Yeezy Tour on Sunday. So basically, I’ve just been moving and grooving. So when Halloween weekend rolled around, I wanted to do nothing but sleep, catch up on shows, and spend quality time with my love like any other weekend.

Me 2 years ago would part hop all through the month of October. But for one,  I can’t hang like that anymore. Secondly,my pockets can no longer contribute to the night clubs in the Bay Area. Lastly, partying on Halloween started to bore me which is why I traded my turn up fits to diy kits LOL. Carving pumpkins and making Halloween treats are life! Today is Halloween and all I plan on doing is ORGANIZING for my businesses and trying to get a full night’s rest. (this stomach ache has taken over my entire life )

If you find yourself at home on this Halloween night, don’t feel like you’re turned down:

Read a book

Watch the Finale of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Binge Watch your favorite scary movies

Kill an entire bottle of wine

Go to sleep early tonight (GOALS)

Call your girls for a game night

Try that DIY project you’ve been dying to start

Create a workout plan/Go to the gym


Remember, it’s Monday. Take it easy. But have fun.

Happy Halloween!




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