My Top 10 Pretty Ricky Songs

I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to my music, I am literally stuck between the 90s and early 2000s. So I am going to take you back to 05 when Pretty Ricky took over our adolescent lives. For those who don’t know who Pretty Ricky is, they were a group of young men from Miami Florida. The members consisted of Baby Blue, Slick Em, Spectacular, and Pleasure P. Their first hit was “Grind On Me” Image result for pretty ricky bluestarsReally in 7th grade jamming to this vulgar music. They clearly painted a picture for us of their sexual escapades. And your just singing along with the words because Pleasure P (the singer) draws you in with his singing and adlibs.  Although the original group didn’t last as long as we wanted them too, (black middle school and high school teens LOL)  they still have those classic hits that take you back to when you were grinding on somebody in a garage LOL. Here are my top 10.



*In no particular order

Get a Little Closer

Get You Right


Up & Down


Searching for Love

Shorty Be Mine

Nothing But A Number


Leave It Up To Me

Image result for pretty ricky late night special


Now I know most of you are wondering “why in the hell did she write a blog post about Pretty Ricky.” But in reality, this is the music that makes me so happy. Just because it takes me back to my middle school and high school days when all I did was try to discover and download music. It was so good! Not saying Pretty Ricky was the greatest group, but they came out at a time where music was so fun made you want to dance, well grind. Singers actually sang and rappers actually rapped. There are many artist that came out in 2005 that really fell off the map or trying to still do music. When in reality, the time they came out was THEIR TIME. Some careers can’t be revived.  But if Pleasure P decided to some out with another album I wouldn’t be mad.

Stay Tuned. More posts to come about artists or albums slept on. You just may have loved them once upon a time. I’m here to take you back…way back….back into time.



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