Adventures in Maui

Beautiful souls! Ohhh do I have so much to share with you. I went to freakin Maui and it was AWESOME. Hands down one of the dopest trips I have evr taken and I’m gonna tell you why. Well, I’m not gonna write too much. Imma let you cool kids enjoy. Ready, Set, Gooooooooooo!

So this Maui trip really popped out of thin air LOL. One of my college friends (Heeyyy Ashley!) on Facebook posted about going to Maui with room and transportation for $600. I saw that, looked in my bank account, then instantly hit her up. I’ve been to Hawai’i before and experienced Honolulu but not Maui. Somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. And look at that, the opportunity presented itself. LOOK AT GOD.

Ashley had a dope itinerary planned and I was all for it, but we ended up adjusted it to make it economically stable for the both of us. Instead of the many things we had planned, we booked parasailing and made that a main activity to do while in Maui. But LAAWWWDDD did we do some dope shit!


Day 1

We waited for ours to get our rental car. Of course the day and the exact time we land, technology is against us. The computers at the car rental place had shut down. So, the first day in Maui we just chilled. Our hotel was on the beach so that was the first place we visited. We took a nice walk, met some nice people and just vibed. Later we went to get food. I got some Hawaiian BBQ. It was so bomb. I had my entire meal plan laid out. All I wanted to eat was Hawaiian BBQ, Mahi Mahi, Shrimp, and Lobster or Crab while in Maui. I definitely made it happen.



Day 2

Something I have always wanted to do was parasail. So I thought Maui was the perfect place to do so. Let me tell ya’ll, It was one of the coolest things I have done in my life. We bought a ticket on Trip Advisor for a boat ride and parasailing for $80 and it was worth it! The group of people we were on the boat with were so down to Earth. It was nonstop laughs the entire boat ride. DSC_0001.JPGOn top of that, they were playing Reggae music as we cruised in the crystal blue waters. I was singing my little heart out because I knew every song. When it was our turn to parasail I was nervous, but I kept my cool. We were going up 800 ft. in the air.  I was getting butterflies thinking about it. But I was soo ready to do it. Once we got in the air, we were chilling, soaking in that we were really about to be hella high in the air and witnessing a great ass view. It literally felt like we were floating in the air. It was seriously breathtaking. We ended the night getting some delicious food and chilling on the beach.





Day 3

We had made a decision to go on the road to Hana. We really wanted to see Red Sand Beach. But to get there we knew it would be a mission, so we made a whole day out of it. We drove on the road to Hana following the speed limit of 55 and under. That’s really the speed limit out there LOL. DSC_0464.JPGBut we were not expecting the trip that we were about to endure. The road to Hana was so scenic. I caught pretty much every moment on the Go Pro. We stopped at so many places to catch so many great views. It was almost too much to take in. The drive up there was crazy! So many tiny roads we had to pull over to let cars pass. The bumpy roads went on for miles, you couldn’t go over 10 miles. That was probably the worse part about the trip. Other than that, everything we saw and did was well worth it. Hands down best road trip EVER!













Day 4

This was our other chill day before we had to ship out the next morning. We went shopping for souvenirs. We stopped at a place that was on the way to where we went parasailing. This lady sets up shop in her van by a spot that has a cool view of the island. We bought a few things and headed closer to where we were staying. We stayed just down the street from a strip of bars, restaurants, and shops. This is where we were getting most of our food. Along with shopping for gifts to bring to our loved ones, we went spice tasting. I had to bring my boyfriend spices back home. And long and behold, an entire little shop for it. It was so fun! Especially because I live for spices, I was in heaven. We tried pretty much everything, and I bought pretty much everything I bought. The hot sauce I got tho…YASSSSS! So Good! We went snorkeling for the first time. Ashley connected with an old family friend who worked at the gear rental place at the hotel next to ours. So we got hooked up and had some fun in the water. At first I was so against it, but I was in Maui. I had to do it. After snorkeling, we went to get massages from students at a massage school (so affordable) and went to dinner at the restaurant next to ours. It was such a good way to end our trip.


Day 5

Said goodbye to Maui.

Day 6

Like a crazy person I went to work. My body is paying for it now. -_-




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