Operation: Get out the House

Surprise! Surprise ! I finally got out of the house this weekend to attend 2 events and they were fun. Look at me trying to get a life. *pats self on back*

I went to the First Annual ArcOakland Youth Festival. 14633300_884600041640639_8496926036002323461_o.jpg

It was a very cool event with many vendors. The big main event was a contest between 3 youth performers. Their prize was $5000 and an artist development package with all of the works. So glad to witness the youth doing something positive and taking it so seriously. They looked like they were having a ball too. They definitely rocked the crowd.

I really attended the festival to see my bro Jamel AKA “Leair” perform. I’m seriously like his number one fan. I mentioned him in one of my previous blogs “The Musician Next Door” which is also the title of his EP.  His music is so dope. Definitely a voice that isn’t like anyone else’s. The passion he has for REAL r&b and soul/neosoul is magnified through the music writes. No performance is the same either. That is why I love watching him perform, he develops as an artist every time he steps on the stage. This time was no different. He first sang acapella as a crowd teaser. It worked ! Women in the crowd was like “okaayyy” “you betta sang” as they were moving closer to the stage. When it was actually his time to perform, he drew the crowd in with his guitar playing. dscn1675

His first song he dedicated to our brothers and sisters who have been effected by Hurricane Matthew. His second song was describing how he used to be ratchet. The crowd was really into that one due the reliability. I know I could. I certainly have calmed down some of my ratchet ways. The funny thing was it was old women that was FEELING IT. It was so funny but a great time overall.  Iamsu came through and performed as well. Got me excited to put a event together for The I.M.A.N.I. Project.

The second event I went to was Life is Living: Legacy, A Tribute to the Black Panthers.  Now this event I had to go to. The Black Panthers are so important to Black History as well as a legacy in Oakland.14600850_884600111640632_6687029185355645076_n

The booths were so creative. I got to experience a plethora of new vendors that I haven’t seen at a festival, so that was exciting for me. For me working on my online store, vending for festivals and events is something I definitely want to do. So I enjoy supporting my fellow black businesses. Craft Lives matter.




Besides the vendors the performance act was dope. I wasn’t able to get the name of the artist, but they had the festival rockin ! Playing all type of genres of music. DSCN1688.JPG

I was in the middle of conversing with some friends and in the middle of talking, you could not help but to do a little 2 step, or bob your head. The crowd was entertained the entire time. So many people from different walks of life just celebrating together. As a walked through the crowd to the other side of the park to see what other festivities were going on, I heard drums. I knew that was where I needed to be. But when I got closer to the music, there were women dancing to the drums, choreography and all.dscn1693

It was so cool. I really couldn’t help but stand there, enjoy the drums, and cheer on my sistahs who was hitting every move. On top of that, Sway.. How Sway? Yeah that Sway was at the festival enjoying the Oakland Vibes.

All in all I enjoyed my weekend. I am really trying to make an effort into going out to events and not stay home so much. This was another step for me. I will continue to do so. I wonder what my next adventure will be… stay tuned !

Operation = SUCCESS



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