Knowledge is Power

I’m not surprised at none of the “new” information about this country. And neither should no other person of color. HIStory. We only research and challenge what we want to know, when it is convenient to us. Some schools if any, don’t even do the pledge of allegiance and ppl givin Kap a hard time NOW? All of a sudden we are looking into the star spangled banner now? Like we didn’t know everything this country was founded on had to do with slavery.
We should always seek knowledge, spark conversation, and challenge those who don’t know wtf is really going on. Not only when it’s one short sentence on a meme, outraged because of a person of color being shot by police and we see it on media, or even because an athlete took a stand. Although all great reasons, we had all of the knowledge in actual BOOKS that weren’t only textbooks written by “historians” but actual narratives our people have written for us. But we accept what was is being “taught” because we are to lazy to do the research ourselves. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER foreal. If you really know your history and took the time to learn it, can’t nobody tell you about your future and how to live it or how it turns out. They just mad because we know. Now keep researching to gain more power ✊🏾
Welcome to the Great Awakening. Again
This truly sparks something up in me because today at work, students really said they don’t want to know about their history. Some did, but said it’s boring. They claim they are the generation to fight back against police brutality and the injustice in America, but when asked about their history… they don’t know. Quiet. Crickets.  I told them, how are you going to be our voice, the people who are our next doctors, lawyers, and politicians if ya’ll don’t even want to speak up in class. How will you know about how your people got here and what they had to do to make sure their generations and legacy lived on. We all got here some way or another. I got my students mind boggled. Like dang “posted on the block really ain’t about to help my people.” It sure isn’t so pick up a BOOK and drop the GUN. But then again, we live in a time where this generation is ALL ABOUT THEMSELVES. Their come up. But if all of us did OUR HOMEWORK like we were supposed to (my bad ancestors), I am pretty sure United States we live in today, would not be as fucked up as it is now.
Knowledge is POWER. Kids are the FUTURE.

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