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I know many people don’t use Twitter anymore like they used to, so if you are one of those people that USED to have an account… Get back on now! If you don’t have one you are missing out on such good networking opportunities and the origin of hilarious memes that people post on Facebook. Lastly, seeing what celebs tweet before it hits the blogs is something I always get a kick out of! Most people think twitter is blahh because it seems that you are talking to yourself on a board. But in reality, you really are just tweeting your thoughts out loud. I know it may seem a bit weird, but Twitter is life!!

Yesterday I posted my blog on Black Girl Magic which displayed the women who I think are awesome role models, especially for myself. I mentioned in my post that there weren’t many people I looked up to or who were my heroines except for my mom and Dominique Dawes. But when I was growing up, social media wasn’t hyped as much as it is today. I lived in the magazine era. The magazines I would read growing up was “Word Up” and “J-14” I mostly read “Word Up” because it was a part of the black culture for teens. Ya’ll remember going to the grocery store and ripping posters out of “Word Up’ Magazine. The b2k & b5, etc. That magazine was such an important part of black culture.  It was all we had. Today, I don’t know many magazines that black girls can turn to. And this being a social media generation, I don’t even think young girls are into magazines.

Image result for word up magazine(You can now buy Word Up Magazines on Ebay and Amazon… talk about a collector’s item!)

Well, a black teen  magazine for girls  “Sesi Magazine” saw my blog post and retweeted it. I think most people who retweet my tweets are spam. But I decided to go to the page and see what “Sesi Magazine” was about. Booyyy was I surprised ! The website is perfect for  black teen girls. Exploring the website, I found it to be the perfect resource for my Girls’ Groups. The topics they focus are needed for black girls to feel empowered and informed on things they should know to be a magical force in society and in the Black Community.

“It is dedicated to providing you with a community that focuses on celebrating you and your culture by covering beauty, fashion, dating, health, college life, careers, entertainment, social issues, and more.”

We know you are searching for an entire magazine that dedicates itself to aspects of Black culture such as music, movies, celebrities, hair care, beauty, and fashion. We also recognize that you are concerned about social issues, future education and careers, culture, health and relationships, and we cover it all.”

-Andréa, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher

Image result for andrea sesi magazine

Reading about how the company was started instantly made me want to contact Andrea. I was so pleased to see a black woman starting a magazine for black girls due to the fact we didn’t have this source growing up. I reached out and told her how much I appreciated what she is doing and that I was going to use her magazine as a source for my Girls’ Group. She wrote me back and mentioned if I ever needed a guest speaker or to just collaborate, I could contact her. Made my entire life! My Girls are going to flip out once they see a magazine full of topics they can relate to and see women on magazines that look just like them. #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #supportblackbusinesss #blackgirlsmatter

Support your fellow queen!!!

Check out the website and subscribe now! Just $10 or $3.99 per magazine SesiMagazine

Image result for sesi mag



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