Black Girl Magic

I am so happy with the positive affirmations that have been floating around social media leading to a lifestyle of empowerment for black women. #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock

Growing up, of course I had many role models. My mom being the main one. But I idolized a few celebrities here and there but mostly were men. One of the women I looked up to when I was young was Dominque Dawes. I was obsessed with her. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she is the Gabby Douglass and Simone Biles of today. Watching Dominique Dawes compete and do her gymnastics made me want to get into gymnastics. Which I did for quite some time. We didn’t have access to social media back then so I would go to the library and read autobiographies on her. I wanted to know her likes, dislikes, her upbringing, etc.  Now with the access we have to celebrities and entertainers, it has made it much easier to follow and see the people we are interested in and be somewhat in the loop of what they are doing. Growing older and having this access, here are some women today who are prime examples of Black Girl Magic to me and who I believe are great role models. Being unapologetically black and empowered. Despite what society says negative or positive, Black Girls Are Magic! Get You One!

Image result for dominique dawesDominique Dawes

Image result for tracee ellis ross

Tracee Ellis Ross

Image result for amandla stenberg

Amandla Stenberg

Image result for keke palmer

Keke Palmer

Image result for viola davis

Viola Davis

Image result for michelle obama

Michelle Obama

This is just to name a few. Women that I have seen been torn down through media because of who they are, how they represent themselves, and how they represent “the culture”. To me they represent the epitome of the black woman: The struggle, the dehumanization, and the strong willingness to uplift other women. Even though I believe black women are magic, we are human first. And to get noticed and treated as such, we must first realize we are queens and is our duty to our people is to let them know, and show that they are royalty as well. Face it… look how many people put black women down yet pay so much money to look like us. That’s Magic! or Appropriation.


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