Lunch on the Rocks

This weekend was full of good vibes. I got a visit from an old friend I haven’t seen in years. We vibed off music and caught up on life , the usual  when we used to hang out. I had such a good time. Those friends you don’t see for a very long time and it’s like they never left. Love those moments! I also went on a dope ass hike with my boyfriend. But this wasn’t an ordinary hike, we were RIVER CROSSING.

I wanted to do something different. And what an experience that was. We took an hour drive out towards Santa Cruz, but the destination was Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in Felton, Ca. It was not many people out there which we loved. That means we found a good destination. There were so many swimming holes, secret beaches, and rivers. We started our journey and spotted the first water hole. My boyfriend was too juiced that he was stripping down to get in the water, a group of people started coming down the hill. They were all looking for a destination and we all decided to walk together to see what else was out there. We walked with the group for a few minutes, then decided to continue our own adventure. It reminded me of the Naked And Afraid episodes when they were out in the wild for 40 days and you have the groups of survivors. People just following each other looking for bodies of water.

We ended up finding our first river. We crossed it. I felt like I was playing twister with the rocks. Right hand on big rock,  right foot on smooth pebble. I had a whole rhythm going. That was the only way to get across. The rocks were different sizes and different levels. I fell so many times in the water. It was hilarious ! We spotted a log as we continued to cross the river. So we made that our destination. Now to get over there, the water was getting deeper as we were crossing. As well as walking up stream when the water was flowing down. Ya’ll know I’m tiny. So just imagine my little self taking a steps and not knowing when I was reaching the deep parts. My little body was just sinking in the water while my boyfriend was just gliding through the course. We got to the log and it looked a little iffy. Like too many people were having too much fun on it. It was cracking. Too risky, but we had to get on there. I channeled my inner gymnist and balanced across the log as if it was a balance beam. Those years in gymnastics really paid off. We looked like an episode of Afro American Ninja Warrior and The Challenge (Rivals, Battle of the exes, etc) We made it on the log and enjoyed a bag of chips on the log in the middle of the river. It was so peaceful and a beautiful moment.

We kept walking to see what else we could find. We were running into the same people, and they started to follow us. We didn’t know where we were going, neither did they. They were looking for something specific. When they found nothing, Kris and I disappeared from the tribe again. We found a swimming hole that had about 5 people there having the time of their lives. So I kept walking because I heard water, and it was another river. No one was over there and it was very secluded. My boyfriend and I set up camp right there. We sat on rocks in the middle of the river and made sandwiches, fruit and chips for our  Lunch on the Rocks. It was such a great way to end our adventure.

We came home and my boyfriend cooked crab, Mediterranean bread, and corn. A great weekend of good vibes, fitness, and exploration.  Happy August !


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