Peace of Mind

Back in the Bay! My weekend trip back home was dope. It was something definitely needed. As you know I am working on multiple projects. One of them is  my online boutique. I finally got my mom on board to start creating again. She is really my idea woman. She gets me so hype on new ideas and supports everything I do. So now that I am back, I am ready to get to work!

I didn’t want to sit in the house today. I was only out of town for the weekend and booyyyy did I miss this Bay Area weather. So to get my creative juices flowin and free my mind, I decided to go on a jog today in my backyard aka The Hayward Shoreline. The weather, scenery, and animals just gave me so much life. I made lime cilantro water to take on my jog. It gave me so much energy! I only wanted to stay out there for 30 mins, but I ended up walking and jogging for an hour. I did some yoga right by the water. The fresh air is what really kept me going. I utilized the benches, rocks, and hills to do different excercises. Probably one of the best workouts I had in a long time.

I felt so at peace. During my jog/walk I was able to come up with many ideas for my online boutique. As if every step I took, a new idea was brewing in my head. Although I haven’t really ran since I used to play basketball, today was a good day for a jog and a walk to get a peace of mind.

Stay tuned ! 



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