I’m Back and I’m Better

Log off, shut down, go run - As a technology teacher, I need to practice this more often. It's good for my mind to take a tech break.:

Sometimes you have to back away from media and your phone to handle business and focus. That is just what I needed to do. I backed away from media and my phone just for 2 days. I know it doesn’t seem like a long time. But for someone who is always online that is what I needed to refocus and get my ideas and creative juices flowing again.

I have been feeling a bit uninspired. If I am stuck in the house or doing the same constant thing everyday, my creative juices don’t flow. I feel most inspired when I work with youth,  talk to my mom, scrolling for hours on Pinterest, or simply conversing with my girls or my boyfriend. Although I do some of these things everyday to get my mojo flowing, the last 2 weeks have been blahhhhh. And then I finally decided to LOG OFF.

My boyfriend took 2 days off of work to get some rest. I was so happy because he works so hard and soo many hours. He barely gets any sleep. To see that man sleeping in until 10:00am was so beautiful LOL. Anywho, I stayed with him and we ran errands and just chilled. We went on our first run together and we’ve been together for 4 years. I thought that was hilarious. We usually hike because I hate running, but it’s something I definitely need to get back into doing.  It was so fun. We ran around the San Leandro Marina slapping music and running into people trying to catch Pokémon. The run definitely cleared my mind. When we got back home, something hit my brain and the next thing you know my fingers were zooming on the computer.Making new business cards, writing curriculum, coming up with service ideas for the I.M.A.N.I. Project,diy projects, pop up shop ideas, fundraiser ideas, networking ideas, etc. I was on ! My boyfriend knows it gets real when I start playing either Jhene Aiko playlist, Erykah Badu playlist, or a 90s r&b playlist. He turned around and saw my face buried in the computer and me singing my little heart out. But I know what that look really means… “She’s so adorable when she is working on things she is passionate about. Always trying to save the world” In my mind of course. But he knows what’s up.

Sometimes it’s healthy to disconnect from the social networking world. Just to get a breath of fresh air and get your thoughts together. Although most of my work consist of me being on my computer and phone practically all day… I will continue to LOG OFF at least twice a week and focus on my work.


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