Mandela Foods Cooperative

I had the pleasure of going to my first black owned grocery store and man did it feel good ! Mandela Foods Cooperative sells fresh and local products. They also have a soul food kitchen Zella’s that serves breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner a few days a week. Walking inside I felt nothing but good vibes. The first rack you see is the natural beauty products. The shelf was stacked with everything. Even things I didn’t know existed like tea tree dental floss. That’s something I definitely need. I knew I was at home when the Reggae music blast through the speakers. Then 3 black beautiful souls by the counter all greeted me at different times as I explored the store like a tourist. I couldn’t help it ! I was really in awe. Spices, fruit, nuts, meat, etc it was an overall good experience. 

I am happy that there is a black owned grocery store not too far from my job. They’re products are so healthy. I am so upset that I had no idea and I am always near the area. Now that I know, I will utilize it and tell people about it! 

1430 7th Street West Oakland, CA 


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