Create your own style

The summertime always makes me want to try out new diy projects. Maybe it’s the bright colors that are in season. I just want to wear nothing but bright colors. I love to wear cute dresses and bright tank tops. But I never have any accessories!!! And I mean never ! How can you be a fashionista with no accessories? Some nerve I have.

Kris did buy me my first items of real jewelry. A gold Africa pendant necklace and gold feather studs. So now I rock those everyday. But I still need a pop of color. I have to Eccentrify just a little bit more. I can never committ to buying jewelry though. So I’ve decided to take on the challenge of creating my own. Yup ! I’m going to d.i.y. jewelry.

I always spend countless hours on Pinterest. That is literally my favorite app. I use it for everything. I get so inspired from pinterest. I look up d.i.y. projects to try and save some that I know would come in handy. My pinterest boards are life !! And jewelry is the main diy projects that interest me. The creativity that people have… it’s so dope ! Thank God for tutorials. But I wanted to take it a little old school before we had YouTube and pinterest to teach us everything. I went to the San Lorenzo Library and picked up a jewelry making book. Hey! When is was the last time you used your local library? (Free education) That’s what I tell my kids I work with. Use those resources ! And I did. I am so excited to crack the book open and try some of the projects.

I’ll show you what I come up with πŸ‘Œ


Some of my pinterest inspiration πŸ€—


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