Summer Anthems

Summa Summa Summa Tiiimmeee!

Time for the Melanin to glow, graze the earth with our beauty as the sun kisses our skin. Bring out the summer dresses, water fights, and pool parties.

What is the best way to get you in summer mode?… A SUMMER ANTHEM of course!

We all have our classics. Summertime by Fresh Prince, Sunday Afternoon-Lighter Shade of Brown. Well those are my classics. The list can go on. Riding in the car with the sun shining and the wind blowing groovin to 90s feel good music. I usually have a summer song every year. It just gets me in the summer mood. Even though I really I can handle summer for like a month and then I’m ready for Halloween. These are facts lol. It’s hot !

Last year I can’t remember what my summer anthem was because there is a lot of bs music going on that I can’t always get jiggy with. But this year, even though it is only the second day of summer, I got a head start. And of course you can have more than one summer song. You can have an entire playlist. Good Vibes are Good Vibes.

So to start off my Summer16 right “All Eyez” by The Game and Jeremih is the song to just do that. Well until the radio plays it out lol

What’s some of your favorite summertime songs?

#summer #music

The Game Feat Jeremih-All Eyez


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