Pismo Beach #summersixteen

My summer has been really kicking off ! I have been busting solo missions as well as hanging out with people. Yes, me hanging out with people. And let me tell you… yesterday was too much fun. I finally went at riding at Pismo  Beach. I was invited by one of my girlfriends to celebrate her 24th birthday. (Heyy Marshae ! )

I wanted Kris to go soo bad because that’s something  we’ve always wanted to do together. But as usual, he had to work. But we’re for sure gonna go soon.  Anywho, I still went ! I am so glad that I did. The entire trip was nothing but great vibes. The music alone on the way up there is what set the tone for the trip.

Now it all wasn’t a peachy. We spent like the entire first 45 minutes of our atv  time getting  stuck in the sand. It was literally hard labor and just annoying  getting stuck every 5 seconds. No more hills for me. If it wasn’t for my friend’s boyfriend and the rest of us girls pitching in to get the atv unstuck, we would have just been assed  out. But we didn’t let that stop us from having an amazing time. Once we agreed to stay on flat land. Then we really thought we were rough riders.

After riding atvs  we really just had a Lil beach party turnup. It was soooo fun. Again nothing but great vibes. Just vibin and listening  to the ocean beside us. It started to rain a little but we didn’t care. To me it made the trip more magical. Especially  when the sun  started to shine right down on us a few minutes after it was raining. Everything was perfect. Sadly on our way home we hit crazy amount of traffic. But other than that I had a blast riding atvs for the first time and I am so glad I got to do it with people had good energy. Summer sixteen is really lit. Jet skis are next !!!

Shout out to Marshae ! Happy 24th birthday pretty girl !





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