Level Up Tour

Last night I went to the Level Up Tour featuring Asap Ferg and Tory Lanez in San Francisco at The Regency Ballroom. The DJ was forsure slapping! I have been to concerts where they would play house music. A good dj at a concert is VITAL. So I was happy that he appealed to the entire crowd with music selection. A little house, dubstep, and a whole bunch of rap and hip hop. I was planning on just seeing Tory and leaving, but how they had it set up, that wasn’t happening. Tory and Ferg took turns performing. Tory would do a song or 2, then Ferg would do the same. Then they would perform songs together. I kind of liked that setup. I felt that the concert didn’t last all night because of that. I am such a granny lol I had work the next morning. I have been to many Asap Rocky concerts to know what to expect. A whole bunch of white people culture appropriating. But hey, Asap Mob brings that out of them. They both put on a dope ass show though! Ferg brought out Nef the Pharoh and the crowd went crazy! I love when I go to concerts and they pay homeage to the Bay or LA. Tory Lanez was like aww man this dude showing me up. So he started crowd surfing and performing. It was epic and hilarious at the same time! But he was pretty dope for that. Then the fool started climbing up the balcony and performing ! It was again epic and hilarious! But the entire crowd was engaged. Definitely turned us up ! Ferg was just hype the entire time. He was hopping all around, dancing, and just having a ball on stage. It was hard to leave with so much good energy. So I decided to stay the entire time and enjoyed every bit of it. Tory took it back and sang some old 90s r&b (mostly to get us in the mood for all the songs he sampled) but I loved it. He did all of the songs I as hoping he would do. And he did them first! I don’t know too many Asap Ferg songs but the ones I did know I turned up. The ones I didn’t know were still slappin! Ain’t nothing like live music and live peformances. Overall a dope concert! The only thing that was terrible was the freakin traffic I had to sit in for 2.5 hours to get home because Caltrans wanted to take over the entire Bay and do work. That was ridiculous !!! And I was running out of gas too. Thank God I made it home…. at 3:00 in the morning -_-, but I made it home.



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