Say it Loud! Don’t be Scurred.


A few days ago I debuted my Kente sleeve and pocket tees. I wore one of the shirts to see the reaction I get from teens. To me, if they like what you are wearing, it’s a hit. They normally like how I dress and I get compliments all of the time on my style at work. But this piece was different. As we all know there is a great awakening happening. You know “Black to Life Black to Reality” Black people are finally taking an interest into reconecting with their roots. I know yall peeped prom season and an abundance of businesses booming aimed towards the black community. For someone who was always “WOKE,” (thanks mom and dad) you know I had to say something. Although I am appreciative for black people in my generation recognizing that we are Lit, I still wonder how did this revolution begin. Did we awake when our brothers and sisters were getting killed in broad daylight by police recorded, or when our president became black? Shit, even Beyonce ass is trying to get in formation. But Who knows. All I know is that this needs to continue. For being ridiculed because I was aware of my heritage and embraced it at a young age it’s ironic to see my own people who made fun of me hop on the bandwagon.  My history is so important to me that I want to share knowledge with all of you. It just happens to be through clothes. I am really exercising my first amendment rights. As well as wearing what I would want to see in stores and not have to pay an arm and a leg for. So let’s hope this is not a trend like how all of a sudden people are liking chocolate girls again. Just stop! Let’s make it an actual lifestyle. People say they want to support black businesses, now is the opportunity. Let’s finally come together and show unity!

Thanks to those who have purchased a kente sleeve and pocket tee! Waaayyyy more designs coming πŸ™‚
#eccentricvibes #urbanfashion #urbanhipster #stillworking #custompiecescomingsoon #fashion #fashionblogger #blogger #supportblackbusinesses #kente #unity



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