Mint Condition

I have bought all of my summertime event tickets in advance. The first of my summer festivities was FINALLY going to see Mint Condition at Yoshis in Oakland. I have been wanting to go to this show for years. Always miss it. And like I always say… IT WAS SO DOPE!

I went to the concert by myself. Ya’ll should know by now that I do not have time to be waiting for people to have my fun. Although all I could think about was my Mom and best friend Skee would enjoy the hell out of that show with me. Kris dropped me off and I took a Lyft back to his house where I had my car parked. He had work in the morning so it worked out awesome.

This was my first time at Yoshis. I had no idea what was going on. So I had to ask around to see how everything worked. I didn’t reserve a seat so I waited outside in line. Wasn’t a bad wait at all. I got right in there. When I walked inside there were so many reserved seats. Luckily I found great seats. Then the announcer said it’s a sold out show and that people are pretty much stranger going to join at your table. I didn’t mind, I was just ready to groove. I had to be the youngest person in the building. But what can I say, I was brought up on good music. A couple sat next to me and they were so cute! They reminded me of Kris and I so much. (If he were to go out to shows with me) She was trying to get the perfect selfie and direct her boyfriend on how to take it. I was blessed to be surrounded  by nothing but black love. Me and the lady sitting at my table grooved the entire night away.

I ordered a drink and beef skrewers. That place is over priced lol. I wasn’t even hungry but I wanted to try something. And I am not going to lie I would do it again, just to continue to try something new. Dinner, drink, and a show why not ?!

Mint Condition put on such a great show. That man Stokely is a BAAADDDD brotha. They were old and still gettin it. Such great musicians. I couldn’t believe it ! I was in a room with my one of my fave bands. Listening to them bring nothing but funk, soul, and r&b vibes. They are one of the very few musicians that give me chills when listening to music. So just imagine how I felt when I was watching them live. I was listening to real music. Real instruments. Real singing. I mean what can I say, It’s 2016 and I still listen to 90s music. It’s the best. No other music gives me a better feeling. They did a Priince tribute that really got the crowd rockin. Celebrating music all under one roof. It was sooooo good! I am definitely going to see them again. Another concert scratched off my bucket list!






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