Move in Silence? For Whaaat

So much has taken off for me and The I.M.A.N.I. Project !  If your aren’t familiar  with what my project consist of…. it’s a service for at risk youth in the Bay Area that works with schools and organizations  to implement  programs and services needed on the spectrum  of  academics, enrichment, social, and life skills. This is my baby ya’ll !

I have made a summary of services that I want to provide for schools and organizations. These services consist of skills that I have developed and excelled in over time working with youth. Now instead of being paid a small hourly wage for my ideas, time to branch out and become an independent contractor and make the money I deserve. I know that I have 100 million projects under my belt and I never have time or finish one. But this summer is definitely the time for me to get organized and work on all projects. Especially this one!

I have been working on a business plan, getting my business license, making lesson plans and curriculum, as well as pretty much designing my own programs. It is really a dream come true! It’s what I love to do! When I worked in different schools, my bosses looked for me to put dope things together for youth. I have put on so many events, facilitated groups, taught classes, etc it’s no doubt in my mind my business will take off. I just have to continue to put in the work. I know there are many services doing pretty much the same thing but what stands out about me is that I am working alone and I really have the ability to work with any child. Schools that I have worked in lacks so many resources that they burn out their staff or underpay them to go above and beyond. Why do that when you can hire me? I do it all!

So besides me really trying to geth things organized and up and running legally, I still have to put word out about what I am doing. Networking is key! And boooyyy let me tell you, I have been trying to connect with people and it is really paying off. That is why I never really understood why people on social media post things like “move in silence” blah blah. Not I! I will post on Facebook, twitter, continue to blog, go to events, etc so people can know what I am trying to do. If no one knows your moves then how can you connect? You never know who is willing to help or have a connection. We have to help one another to build. So yes I will continue to post on my social media and people can support or not. But in the end, things will take off. Speaking it to existence πŸ™‚

I have been looking for clients to do a test run of services, but I need to do the ground work as well. Show up and show out to schools and organizations. Sitting behind a computer posting asking who is willing to help is not paying off for me. So It’s time to hit the pavement. Setting up meetings and doinf presentations, whatever it takes. The time is now. #gogetter

Shifting gears.. At my current job I have had the opportunity to implement two prgrams. One that I have mentioned in a previous post (Girls’ Group) and a new one that we just did which was a Credit Recovery. My co workers and I came up with a plan to get the kids who shied away from a few credits or their transcripts were wrong, we created a curriculum and classes for these students to graduate on time. (Check out post on Credit Recovery Program). Well the principal and her boss were so impressed by the outcome that they want to have this program continue in the school. That was huge to hear! That’s one client down. I passed the message along to my boss about what I wanted to do in the future, and she saw the success for the Girls’ Group and Credit Recovery. I had to send her my summary of services to see my chances of them hiring me as an indpendent contractor as well. And guess what…. It’s a GO!!!!! I will be working on curriculum to implement programs in continuation high schools and whoever else they recommend me to. I was going to leave this job at first but then I thought, let me try my luck. And it is paying off! I continue to tell the people around me what I am working on and all they do is support. Mind you… every person is black too. That makes it more of importance to me to succeed because my people want the same for me. It’s so much B.S. that goes on in the education system, that I am really just trying to save the kids ya’ll.


Stay Tuned ! So much more to come !
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