Showing off your ass cause you’re thinking it’s a trend

Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again.

Is it me or does every female on social media resemble one another?
From how they dress, do their makeup, wear their hair, as well as having the same mentality…”I gotta look this way for the likes and the money” or to me… THE EASY COME UP. Now I know most blame the Kardashians for the start of this epidemic, but it goes as far back as “Video Vixens.” The Kardashians just happened to build an empire on being social media famous. Now other young ladies are feeding into the f*****y and feel that they need to look or act a certain way to keep up with the women on social media. This generation seeks validation from likes, comments, and dms, etc but for what? It leads to competition for what?  We all play a role. Rather you or agree or not.

I wrote a sociological research paper on why we watch reality tv as well as thoughts on body image today. And let’s just say, from my research and those of you who participated {Thank you ! Still juiced about my “A”} admitted it plays a part in how we see ourselves, whether it’s positive or negative. We didn’t care as much as before until we had access to celebrities on all social media. And because it continues to suck us in, they are really creating jobs, drama, schemes. The list really goes on. There is really a certain thing called an “Instagram Model.” India Love and Amber Rose promoting detox teas and waist trainers for example.

In the picture below pretty much sums of the validation seeking I was speaking about. There are many forms that I see on social media and I am sure you do too. But I am focusing on this image below: Less clothes= more likes …… and Instagram Models lol


Don’t get me wrong, if you got it flaunt it, if that’s what makes you happy. But when you continuously do it to seek validation it’s time humble yourself. People really get pumped when they hit a certain amount of likes. From a lot of people they probably don’t even know. Then that is how jobs and “bookings” are created. Because of how many likes you have.

Now how does the one who covers herself up and shows that you look beautiful with clothes on feel compared to the woman who shows of her curves for the likes? The thirst traps if you will. I can just imagine. Defeated. Low self esteem. Possible body image issues. The feeling of not looking perfect. Wondering why men say they don’t want those kinds of women but we all know that’s a lie. Or simply not giving a f**k. But still, these kinds of issues come up everyday. And I helped facilitate a girl’s group at my job and these kinds of answers came up. Teenage girls already falling into the social media trap. Looking a certain way for likes. Posting certain things to compete with women who are the same age as them and waaaaayyy older. And of course to seek attention and validation from young men. I for one will be happy when the trend of exposing your body for likes dies down. Just for the fact I have worked with many young girls who try to fit the image. But all we can do is teach and raise our young queens to let them know, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Especially men!

To the woman fully clothed in the meme India Arie said it perfectly:

I’m not the average girl from your video
And I ain’t built like a supermodel
But I learned to love myself unconditionally,
Because I am a queen

-India Arie


#bodyimage #selflove #dontdoitforthelikes #raisingqueens #novalidation #socialmedia #instagrammodels #humbleyourself



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