May Workout Week 3&4

My workout week has been nonexistent these days, well at least getting my butt in the GYM! It’s crazy because I miss the gym so much, who would have thought. But I missed the sleep I get wehn comin home from a really good workout. Recovering from my cold and having loved ones come out to visit has thrown off my game. I can say that I have been getting my yoga in. And when I felt strong enough, I did a few kettlebell exercises. Not too much though because my body still felt weak. I have noticed that my goals weren’t hard to obatin,  life happened. I was working longer hours, sick as a dog, people vistiting, working on my business, etc. I think once I get on an actual schedule  a routine is something that I can make happen. But with me being all over the place with work and being dog ass tired all of the time, I have to wait. But until then I will have to do what works for me. Go on about my day and if I have time to work out I will. June is the start of the new month so let’s see if I make some progress. Now that I have a trip to Hawaii booked for October, it’s time to be Bikini ready!


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