May Workout week 2

This week I made so much progress ! Despite me getting sick on Friday and trying to fight off this cold, workout week was AWESOME! Monday I did a quick sun salutation before work then 20 minute session of yoga later that night. My body has been so tense and I have been working like a dog… I had to extend my yoga time. It brought me so much peace. I needed peace and tranquility to start the work week and get some good sleep and it worked. Tuesday I went to the gym did my cardio and worked on biceps and triceps. Wednesday I did cardio and worked on my back and shoulders. Thursday I did a home workout because helloooo Scandal season finale. I went to DDs Discount and purchased a 5 lb kettlebell and resistance bands for my home routines and OMG I FELL IN LOVE! I looked on Pinterest for a few easy workout routines and booyyy did I feel the burn. On Friday I did another yoga sun salutation before heading to work, then I did a “better sleep” yoga sequence. Then my cold started settling in. I am sneezing and sniffling as I am typing at the moment. This cold needs to disappear! I didn’t do any Zumba this week but I pretty much made my goal. Goooo me!

Week 3…. IT’S LIT!


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