Not Just an Idea

I get so discouraged when I see young people starting businesses. I should be uplifted which I am but I’m always thinking… when  is it going to my turn? Young women are opening hair salons, beauty supply  stores, fitness trainers, opening sports camps, and etc and I’m still working for the man. Slowly  but surely things are coming together but where to start? Who to talk to ? Who to connect with ? When all I want to do is work in different  schools providing an abundance of services. Yes going out into the community would be the best bet but when you work 2 jobs, It’s kind of difficult. If your social media following isn’t up to par (which Mine isn’t ) it makes things even harder. Yes your peers on social media may like your status or they may scroll right passed what you are trying to do something  positive. I’ve mentioned  in a recent blog that I no longer want to give another school program my ideas. And then I did it again. I simply want to be an independent  contractor  so I can be able to maneuver to different schools and supply services for whatever  the need is for students. On my terms ! I need to take things one day at a time and really work for what I want. No one is going to hand me anything and sometimes not even support. But I have to be stronger  than that. And I am. So from this day forward…. The I.M.A.N.I. Project is officially a work in progress, not just an IDEA.
#socialwork  #hoodhero  #bayarea  #programplanning  #atriskyouth 


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