Trial and Error

Starting your own business without much help is very challenging. But in reality… you can only depend on yourself. My goal is to have a small boutique with a few go to items. When at first brainstorming, I had a swarm of ideas and products I wanted to sell. Later down the line it got harder and harder. I went back to the drawing board and had a looonnnnggggg conversation with my sister about the boutique. With her wisdom, I was able to approach things in a different way. I apologize to everyone who had their hopes up for my boutique, but it’s hard out here ! Slowly but surely I am back on it. I will be posting different designs and products as I work on them. That way I won’t have a lot of merchandise and no one to buy the product due to my audience not liking it. We will work together! Tell me what you want to see in my boutique.

The purpose of my boutique is to sell products that are a reflection of my style and culture. People always wonder where I get my clothes from and how I put outfits together. When I tell them, they get inspired and want to channel their inner fashionista.  Then you have those that are a little apprehensive to try something different or wear something that represents their culture. My boutique is here for you ! Why not pay homeage to the motherland by sporting a dashiki or kente kufi? Why not wear tshirts with inspirational words of the black struggle? Why not wear jewelry that express your afrocentricity? Why not wear some of the dopest jackets and blazers from one of fashion’s most important era (80s &90s) Well now you can by… shopping at Eccentric Vibes.

Look out for what’s coming in 2016!

Stepping into the new year wearing my own s***!

Mother Africa #black2lifeblack2reality #eccentricvibes

Interested in this sweater? Leave a comment and we can talk business!





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