192700_201274903233389_6198270_oJust your average suburban girl from SoCal finding out who she really is through her every day life in the Bay Area. An eccentric soul, down to earth and looking for nothing but what the world has to offer me. I’m obsessed with retro clothes, working with inner city youth, and music. Take a ride in my mind filled with entrepreneurial dreams, Black Excellence, and great vibes.

Featured Pages

Livin’ Life: My thoughts and experiences after graduating college and trying to make it living in the Bay Area

The I.M.A.N.I. Project: Shows the work I do with youth as well as working on starting my own outreach program

Eccentric Vibes: My obsession with fashion (afrocentricity, boho, & retro styles) and inspiration for my online boutique Eccentric Vibes

Self Care: Hikes, Fitness and DIY Beauty Regimes

XO Imani




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